Is BellaVegas nuts??


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Mar 29, 2002
In the fine print of their sign on bonus, it says:

"The MATCH bonus may be cashed in after wagering an amount of seven (7) times the bonus amount (after the Bonus amount has been credited)
Wagers on Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and any Blackjack or Video Poker game do not count toward fulfilling your promotional obligation with regards to amounts wagered."

What does that leave??? Slots? Like you're really going to be able to get 7x playthrough out of a slot machine! Has anyone bothered taking advantage of this 'promotion'?
Hey JMP...that was a pretty sneaky thing of Bella Vegas, and last week I warned others of it since i was one that did sign up! Had over 300 and tried to cashout...then I found out why i did'nt get my $. And yes...slots took it all back!
same experience here.... after that, I took ol' BV off my computer, never to be hearing from me again... I'll stick with the ones touted on GoneGambling's website, they've proven themselves reliable...Slotland, Mapau, Miami Beach, Et. al....

This really take a load of hassles off, payments are predictable and "almost" as fast...usually 48 hours from withdrawal to paypal...
I was all set to download and try them till I read that little tidbit. I expected the usual 5-7x wagering requirement and the craps,roulette,baccarat exclusions, but was stunned to read BJ & VP were excluded as well! If you don't want to give out a signup bonus, then just don't offer it! I don't think I've ever seen a wagering requirement that excluded VP. I've seen BJ once or twice on some low tier casinos that I wouldn't bother playing at anyway, but never on a Microgaming one.

I just tried Golden Riviera casino last nite, $100 match and only a 4.5x wagering requirement. Did pretty well playing jacks or better (did horribly on the power poker version though!).
Vegas Country, which is also Microgaming, wasn't allowing BJ for claiming the bonus either. Not the last time I checked anyway, which was about a month ago.

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