iPoker (Titan, Noble, Fair..) pure scums


Feb 16, 2006
I'm either/or, Has he provided anything helpful to forum? If he has, I'll say yah.
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Sep 7, 2006

His first couple of posts were funny in so far as how moronic they were, except of course for his anti-semitic theories. Now, they are just tired. He is of no value to this forum and should stay banned, IMHO.


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Nov 2, 2006
Yalaha, FL
I put $100.00 in Trident and played 1048 raked hands. The $100.00 match bonus was paid out at a rate of $25.00 every 250 raked hands.

Started out playing the 1-2 tables and pretty much lost about $40 in the first 150 hands. I was playing fairly tight and would win a hand about every other round but it did seem as though after winning a hand, I would get better opening cards until I played and eventually lost a "tough" hand (not anything that could be considered a bad beat) and my stack would end up being below where it was before my previous win. At this point, I thought that I was just on a bad streak.

I then moved to the .50-1 tables in an effort to ride out the "bad streak" but the same pattern applied and I lost down to about $20.00 left in my original $100.00. I will admit that during this string, I did not play my best poker although I do feel that my playing and betting patterns were better than those I was playing against. This string ended at about 250 raked hands.

From this point I began playing better and also noted that the pattern that I spoke of above was still happening. So after winning hands I was even more conservative in playing 10-15 hands after a win. I was able over the next 250 raked hands to build my stake back up to $100.00. The build-up was mainly do to really poor play by my opponents giving me 2-4 big bets extra for each winning hand. The tough losses did not stop but slowed down a little. At this point I wasn't really concerned about the length of time spent getting a lot of tough losses.

Then the play got worse. Nearly every time I got good cards someone else had better. As I worked my way through the next 500 raked hands my stack steadily diminished so that when I hit the 1000th hand (making my bonus requirement) I only had $25.00 left. By this point I was concerned about the integrity of the game. No bad beats, just a lot of tough losses over the whole 1000 hands.

I decided only to play until I had a tough loss each time I logged in. The first day I waited until about the 10 hand before playing KJ, the flop came JJX and there was a guy that stayed in and caught a flush. The next time I logged on I decided to play a single table tourney. I caught good cards out of the box and got up to 2400 chips (start was 1000) then my luck changed played big blind against small blind with J7 and flop was JXX. He ended up catching straight (down to 2000). Two hands later went all-in QQ against 99, 9 hit and I was down to 1000 chips. Couple hands later I went all-in 99 against AJ, the J hit and I was down to 600 chips. A couple hands later I was all-in AQ against TT, his tens held and I was out. Nothing to cry about but again another tough sequence that is bound to happen every day if you play enough. Except I didn't play enough that was my only play of the day. Next day I noted that my entire bonus had been posted to my account and I broke the one tough loss rule and was rewarded with about 5 more tough losses in 25 hands. The last being QT with a QTX flop against 22. Of course the 2 hit on the river and I cashed out at $97.01. Will be a bit surprised if I get the cash out without any problems.

I have played a lot of poker and have never had this long a string of tough losses through 1000 hands losing over $100.00 to what I consider extremely loose and bad opponents. I do note that they drew me into their game on a couple occasions and that cost me $25-30 but mostly just a whole bunch of tough losses. Haven't done an analysis of the hands yet but if I can get them off the site I certainly will.

I would not recommend playing Trident poker because I do have doubts about the integrity of the game but I am not ready yet to make an absolute claim that they are cheating.

John Wallace


Jan 12, 2001
Welcome to Casinomeister, John!

I would not recommend playing Trident poker because I do have doubts about the integrity of the game but I am not ready yet to make an absolute claim that they are cheating.

For the record, Trident is not in the iPoker network. You will get paid because this operator is reliable.


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Mar 10, 2005
Titan and Noble poker are the main poker rooms of iPoker network.
They are very good IMO.




Just a couple threads re: Titan.

Here's one re: Noble....and them allowing an affiliate to use wwwpokerstars.com (notice the missing .) that redirects to noble's website.