IP problems..


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Jan 17, 2021
The difference between a HONEST US casino and Bitsraz: a US casino doesn't let you sign up using Ip address and always writes all over the page you cant sign up from US. Bitstarz writes the "no rule" at the bottom of terms and conditions knowing that nobody actually reads that bullshit. they let you play but when you want to deposit your win they let you know you cant. Soft swiss was doing a shitty job creating this casino and they are scamming us. Its so easy to block and IP and they just chose not to because they love to scam us


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Jan 2, 2018
Problem is, not reading the T&Cs won't get you far. And if you're in a heavily regulated territory like the US, it's probably always worth checking at least the restricted territories part of the terms.

I think however we'll be seeing a lot of UK folk trying to get around those restrictions themselves over the coming months. And I wonder if a reputable non-UK licensed casino or two will eventually start accepting UK players be it under MGA or Curacao terms.