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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Most casinos I play at are download casinos, however there are a few that I play at or would like to play at that are no download Flash casinos. I recently purchased an anonymizer subscription from anonymizer.com that blocks my real IP address when surfing the web. This service should not effect my download casinos as it only blocks the IP from websites when the browser is running. I want to keep it running all the time while I am on the web. I have made my computer into a fortress with firewalls, spyware guards etc. and I do not want to open up any information while surfing the internet. The question I have is if it will block the IP from the casinos that use the web based applications like Flash? I don't want to find my accounts closed and locked because my sign up IP address was different than the country IP location when I play. The anonymizer gives random IP addresses from around the world, always different when you have your browser open. I have read a few reports of casinos closing accounts on people because their sign up IP was in one country and then when they made a withdrawal request it was an IP from a different country. I may be ok becuase I never claim bonuses so the casino would know that I have no way or reason to be involved in fraud, along with the fact that I would only have one account under my name. If anyone can help me out with my question it would be greatly appreciated.

I think the only people that could give a correct answer here would be anonymizer.com...One suggestion I would give is to not even run it when you're on the casino's site...
Im not an expert in these things but I read on a different website that there is something called a "GUID" or Globally Unique Identifier which is a unique number accessable to any website though your browser. I dont know how it works but I read on another website that it is truely unique to your pc.

Im sure someone with more knowledge than me can confirm/deny/explain this further :thumbsup:

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