IOC investigating spamming in the industry


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May 22, 2012
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OK, an update on this. Nicola wondered why Income Access had provided private data to the ICO - simply because they were legally required to. They were asked for 400 names which were thought to be associated with unsolicited e-mail or text spamming although this was a blanket approach to trap certain ones and NOT because they ever thought ALL 400 affiliates were doing it!

If required and demanded via the right procedures, in the UK the Police or ICO have a right to be given this information. Paysafe had acquired Income Access shortly before this letter was issued, although that's not relevant to this matter. The whole matter started after the public had provided sufficient ammunition by FORWARDING UNWANTED SPAM TEXTS TO 7726 (as I recommended people do earlier in this thread).

The ICO believed that affiliates of that particular program Income Access were illegally using data. The Privacy Policy of any operator, casino or affy outfit will always have a pledge not to disclose or share your information. In the UK however, PECR laws mean they're compelled to hand over any info demanded by the relevant regulatory body in this case the ICO.

The notion that your privacy of details is guaranteed by any company's Terms Of Service is false and misplaced.