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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
For all you guys accross the pond who enjoy a flutter online.
If you are genuinely worried about the knock on effects of recent US legislation(resulting in huge loss of revenue for online Casinos) and would like some clarity on online casinos finances and integrity then I would wait until sep 2007 when online casinos will be legalised in the UK.
This is because the 2005 gaming act issued by the gambling commision comes into force at this time.
This should pretty much guarentee that Casinos have the necessary resourses and all their games are fare with plenty of information on payouts etc available.
Check this link for relevant info:
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But then - why would Americans care? They will have swarms of casinos to pick from - giving out all sorts of cooool bonuses and such. :thumbsup:

Exotic online casinos from Central, South America, and quaint little islands in the Pacific (and maybe even Vietnam!!) will dominate the American landscape. Who would want to ask for more??? :what:

Okay, okay, I'll put away my crystal ball for now. I don't want to spoil any surprises :D

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