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Mar 31, 2005
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Ok so in the process of making some slot game videos with the bonus feature triggered. This video below shows two things.

Firstly playing in demo mode to start off with. Hit ten free spins pretty early into the session at $13.50 a spin. The end result shows that a slot machines RNG is the same in Real mode and Demo mode. How else would you explain if needed to, the ridiculous paltry return?

Secondly medium and high variance slots can be absolute hell to play, with the odd glimpse of heaven. As demonstrated below.

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Aug 29, 2012
Nobody's denying that's a poor return for such a high bet, but given that the free spins were even triggered so quickly is indicative of free play gameplay. I suspect when in real play, the bonus might not be as forthcoming.

I have not run games in demo mode over millions of spins, but from my personal experiences they have always played more generously than in real mode, especially in the short-term. Almost as if to entice players to try their luck with real money!

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