Introduction of a Yorkshire Chap


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Hi All,

Born and bred in Yorkshire on snake bite and black but gave that up because of frequent gout attacks.

Living in London at the moment paying far too much rent.

Been gambling but need to improve my discipline so one day I can become a professional and make a comfortable living from it.


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gambling is a terrible form of money making but great for entertainment with the possibility of winning something
but welcome to the forum


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Thank you for welcoming me but I'm sure I'll get disciplined enough to make a very good living out of it.
I was sat down with a trader just last night who left his city job to trade football and he's making a serious living. I suppose just like anything there are only a few that make it.


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Losing money happens in gambling, for some its actually part of the thrill. In any case, one way to alleviate any losses is to find cashback offers on losses.


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Thanks for the tip but i think I'm beyond cashback offers on losses. The only time i looked at cashbacks or matched offers was when i was opening multiple accounts to trade FX. Most offered $10K but with sports its a much smaller limit.

Duty calls as my young price is causing havoc.


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Methinks that is a typo... should it be Prick or Prince...? :p

Welcome to the forum!
Surely prince, based on ye olde profile pic. Could be wrong :p


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:lolup: When he gets older I'm sure he'll kick my a**.

My Prince.... blessed as he's such a good kid. Hates watching horse racing though.