Intouch Games Faking Reviews?


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A couple of casino brands from Intouch have rocketed up the rankings at numerous consumer review sites including Trustpilot over the past month - which is strange as they were one of the worst rated for many years. Their bonus policy makes the worst of rogues look a better bet :eek:

Some research shows they spend several hundred pounds a day on AdWords, so the 5 stars shown below their ad now on Google is an incentive I guess. Just three months ago they were rated so poorly they had 1 star.

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All of the reviewers have only left one or two previous reviews (in most cases for a sister casino of the same licensee) and the OTT comments on how good they are are very suspicious.

If you're gonna fake something, best not to leave 50+ reviews the same day :D


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Thats funny.
Clicked on the pocketwin reviews and the first page is all good reviews, as u say all on the same day. Enough on the list to hide the first 2 bad reviews that would otherwise be noticable if 50 people didnt decide to all give good reviews on the 6th.. conveniently pushing what otherwise would be the most recent reviews (both bad)onto the 2nd page where people might not bother reading through far enough to get to, where a loada shitty revies begin to appear.
that 2 people "love love love pocket win" on the same day is quite a coincidence to.
Cheers for the laughs:thumbsup:


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Trustpilot et al are all the same, entirely manipulated reviews that have been purchased - you only have to look on Fiverr and you'll find people willing to create fake profiles to leave positive reviews

The whole online review system is a joke, it's only a matter of time until it's all exposed


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Maybe it's got something to do with the sudden change in bonus structure. I signed up with Pocket Win years ago; deposited a fair bit over the years and regularly received text messages, "Congratulations, you have received a free bonus courtesy of Pocket Win", or "You have received a free loyalty bonus for number of games played". All stopped around a month ago! Coincidentally, I rang them this morning and was told that they'd stopped it because they're now offering "great" deposit bonuses instead. Nice way to treat long term players who have deposited substantially more than they've ever won, not!!

The bloke then tried to bs me with; "We have no wagering requirements on bonuses." Erm, yes they do actually because you have to have your balance up to a certain amount and if you look, you might have £15 for example but only perhaps £7 is 'cashable' and the other £8 is still bonus!

I'll wrap it up by saying I also have accounts with mFortune and Mr Spin (both owned by InTouch) and they've gone the same way.

Shot themselves in the foot big time with this IMO! :what::(


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Have to give these guys some credit. Deposited yesterday to test out their CS and withdrawal times and so far their own set time scale of a 3 day pending period doesn't seem to apply. Requested documents and approved with the withdrawal processed within one business day!

Only made a small deposit and hit the jackpot on their Alice in Wongaland slot = 1000x

Hopefully I don't get pestered for promotional pictures like all their previous winners on their front page LOL



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Those reviews are a joke, several have the same grammar and expressions/prose and are clearly typed by the same shill. Mind you if a casino feels the need to get on Trusspilot they're clearly not that experienced in marketing.


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I tell you exact what they do, Offer like 20 free spins if you write a review and email them a screen shot of the review.

I think the IPS sites did this once,

Lets say they got 4 bad reviews as not many will go out there way to write a good one than there send x amounts of emails out for a good review for some free spins, That would clear the bad reviews in an instant