InterX Casino Bonus - be prepared for a good laugh


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Jun 20, 2001
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Hey Gang

Got an email offering me a $100 bonus for a $25 deposit at InterX Casino (I signed up for their poker room a month or so ago) - so I thought I would give it a try (25x wagering so not the worst and a 400% bonus is nice)

I started to try out the slots, lost my $25 and had my bonus (minus a few cents) left so went to play video poker - but it said I have to deposit MORE cash to continue to play!!. As it turns out, the bonus is redeemed at a predetermined rate and can only be used alongside real credits.

Its only $25, but that would have to be the worst bonus system Ive ever seen online.

No wonder they offered me a $100 bonus - they knew I would probably never get to use it!! - pretty slimy behaviour I think, as they were probably hoping I would go and deposit again to use the rest of my bonus. Not on your life :eek2:

Anyway, its a heads up for anyone thinking of taking up their 'special offers'.
I found the exact same thing a while ago..

I wrote something up (not much, just testing out the casino and my experience):

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It was complete BS IMO, but I think had the slots had some decent payouts, it wouldn't have been quite as bad :) However - with the way those slots payout, I don't think there is much of a chance to use the bonus.
Yep -and thats the point too - that they may as well offer a 20000% bonus on a $25 deposit as its unlikely it will ever be used.

I would rather send a personal cheque to Warren Cloud for $25 (making sure there was insufficient funds in my checking account first of course....)

Ha Ha

If you want a bigger laugh, look at their Jacks or Better machine.

4 OK 75!!!!!!!

STRAIGHT 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Essentially, it is the Microgaming Joker Poker paytable other than 10 for 2 pairs. This has to be the WORST Jacks or Better machine in Cybercasinoland!

(Unless anyone knows differently).

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