Interview with Tania Johannisson, Head of Game Integrity and Risk at Evolution Gaming


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Feb 11, 2013
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I mentioned some time ago that I would be getting the opportunity to interview Evolution Gamings Head of Game Integrity and Risk, Tania Johannisson.

Well early last week I spent about an hour chatting to Tania about how they ensure that the games they offer are fair and kept fair for both players and the casinos that use Evolutions services.

It was an enlightening discussion. I found Tania to be straightforward and consistent. She is clearly very proud of the job that she and her team perform. All through the interview the focus was always on the quality of monitoring they perform and the actions they take when games are not operating to agreed standards.

While they believe their games are advantage proof, they do analyse player behaviour and provide risk reports back to the casinos when certain thresholds are reached.

In common with a number of suppliers, Tania was not keen to reveal the specifics, but I think anyone that has been playing or been in the industry long enough could understand what they might be.

The interview is unlikely to satisfy the doom mongers that have appeared in some of the Evolution cheating threads.

My aim was not to discredit those, as I believe I would be fighting a losing battle.

I'm just happy to provide some additional information and insight on what it takes to run a live casino operation.

I hope you enjoy the rather lengthy read.

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Oct 4, 2017
I've read the interview.

I think it's the most interesting thing I've read last time,
Thank you very much,
Some questions I've had, now are clearly seen,

And Tania is a very honest person)

Good job