Intertops - quickest uninstall ever!


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Aug 25, 2004
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Browsing round for a new MG to try - I spotted the Meister's post advertising Intertops.
Downloaded the software while I searched for the T&C's - which took quite a long time as they are not under 'Promotions' - nor on the home-page when you go back to it... :what:

Then I found out why they hide them...
To cash out you must wager 30 times the initial deposit plus bonus amount. For example, players who deposit $100 and receives a $100 bonus, he/she will be required to wager a total of 30 X ($100+$100) = $6000 prior to being able to withdraw.

The deposit plus bonus amount must be played on Slots, Video Slots and Video Poker (excluding Multi-Hand Pokers) only in order to fulfill the wagering requirements.
Jeeeze - that's one of the worst offers I've ever seen! :eek:
Intertops no longer resides on my PC....
Couple that with a 14 day wait before the 1st cashout is processed and you have got a cracking bargain!

Yup I finally got round to test driving it and gathering info the other day. I was initially really excited as it has its own proprietary banking system that combines sportsbook and casino, and this normally means it bypasses the MG "reverse withdrawal" period and leads to instant cashouts. Plus it accepts Neteller and US players so I thought this could be finally a casino that ticked all the boxes.

Alas, even though you "cash in" then withdraw (a lá Ladbrokes), the money still sits in a pending period for 24-48 hours :( They do process cashouts at weekends which is a plus, but I felt let down by my own expectations. *sigh*

If they let it do the instant cashout thing, bonus WR aside, it would be up there rivalling the others IMO, but like you guys, I uninstalled as I do with every casino that has more than 1 hour Reverse period. My verdict: "just another MG casino".

It's in good company though..I'm surprised with the fact that more MG's, who can't alter their paytables for "competitive edge", don't look to try and be different at the cashier end of things. Only you-know-who really does that and gives flexibility to players, Casino Action do the Instant Neteller Payments which, while limited, is still a welcome and clever move, and Ladbrokes bypass the RW time too leading to < 6hr neteller payouts :thumbsup:. Strange that more don't follow their lead. Everyone else just relies on promotions it seems.

Ah well. NEXT!!

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3.9 As a new customer at, your very first withdrawal will be subject to a 14 day waiting period. This applies to customers once they have wagered.

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I wonder

I wonder if these casino's would be interested in waiting 14days after you deposit until you can play during wich time you can withdraw your deposit to neteller instantly at any time, then they can only let you play after having given you 30X the bonus and must provide you with faxed certified copies of there registered company information the amount in there bank accounts and all of the employe's drivers licence numbers,
After such you are free to play there true rng generated casino games.

Its ok its an Australian sense of humour!
Its ok its an Australian sense of humour!


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