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Dormant account
Jan 31, 2004
I know that this room is one of your "Accredited Online Poker Rooms", but I have got a problem with their terms and conditions:

"16. Inactive Account Fees.
If you do not access your Account by "logging in" to your Account using your Account name and password for any period of six calendar months (Inactive), your Account (and any related account with any ESP) will be deemed Inactive. The Company shall be entitled to charge an administrative fee of $5.00 charged at the end of each calendar month that the Account remains Inactive and may deduct the same from your Account Balance. The administration fee will no longer be charged if your Account is re-activated prior to any monthly fee being deducted."

What do you think about it?
When it comes ot Intertops that term will be the least of your concerns. Just wait until you clear the bonus and get the "You are not a genuine player" email that so many people get and they won't give you your bonus. I strongly suggest finding another Prima skin. There are endless ones out there with much better reputations.
most poker sites have clauses like this with very few exceptions so this is not a reason to go against them. Some sites even have smaller periods like three months.

What I would say there is a difference between having a condition like this and enforcing it. You should not have money static in a poker site for 6 months anyway - either you should play with it or withdraw it.

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