When I requested a withdrawal of USD10,000 in Jul 2000, my Intertops account was closed and USD1,500.00 was reversed to my credit card whereas USD14,558.00 was supposed to be sent to me by DHL but the package never arrived. Subsequent emails to them was ignored. Call Lisa in Oct 2000 and she said Management said they are not paying. Account : SII46604


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Jun 30, 1998
Dear yunsk,

I've just received a response from the casino. Please read and respond immediately:

Several forums have been mislead by this individual. Here's the information
we've been sending out:


Let me begin by informing you of many important facts that I hope you
consider before rendering any judgements. is very familiar with Mr.Yun as you are not the only forum he has tried to mislead. This is an individual who is now subject to a host of potential criminal proceedings. Mr. Yun is party and leader of a credit card fraud syndicate based in Kuching, Malaysia (but also operating in Indonesia) with multiple accounts registered between a number of addresses in Malaysia
and Indonesia. ***(this section edited out because it contained details on how to defraud a casino)***
We have literally lost thousands of dollars to this syndicate due to the charge backs, and we have frozen all accounts originating from these addresses in Malaysia as a result.

We have on file (your are welcome to this information if you so desire) a list of names and addresses from a single postal district where Sii claims to live.
The scale of the problem is epic and we have isolated at least 45 fraudulent accounts opened by Mr. Yun and his syndicate; All with the same
characteristics originating from the same group and even same postal address in Malaysia and Indonesia.

At present, we have initiated legal proceedings against the syndicate and plan to use all legal means necessary to put a stop to their rampant
criminal behaviour. Our attorney's in Malaysia, HII&HII, have discovered that Sii King Yun is in fact a man called Ahn Bhoon. They are a rather
organized unit and have defrauded many other sportbooks in the industry.

Recently we have been in constant contact with a journalist called Julie Sidwell at who Mr. Yun had first complained to about the non-payment. They actually posted an article warning their readers
that we do not pay but they have since taken down the article after hearing our side of the story. Below is a copy of the e-mail she has actually written to Mr. Yun after seeing all
of the evidence we and others had to offer.

I urge you to take pause and consider these facts before you formulate an opinion. We've been around for some time now and understand that in this
industry timely payouts are not only essential, but the key to having a respectable name. Since 1982, Intertops has upheld this tradition well.

Best Regards,


Intertops is LYING. They ignored my 9 emails until I contacted Julie Sidwell and other forums. I never charge back my losses since 1998 as claimed. I never defraud my credit card.

What is this Ahn Bhoon?
My name is Sii King Yun. Intertops refused to pay my USD14,588.00 and just excuses which are not true and has nothing to do with my winning.

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