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Jun 22, 2016
If anyone can help I would appreciate it!!

I was given a bonus by intertops to bet with for the online sportsbook, which I signed up with and did, and reviewed the bonus section of the site and was only informed I needed to roll over the bet bonus a number of times before I could access it. I exceeded the rollover requirement no problem.

I have been betting with this account since April I believe and now have accumulated $1,050 in the account and wanted to cash out. However, now the finance department is stating they will only pay 5 times the amount of $5 dollars, when I was given $20. There was absolutely no mention of this beforehand and I've never experienced anything like this before as I am part of both Bodog and Bet365 and have never had an issue betting/bonuses or cashing any money out. The only requirements of the bonus betting was that you couldn't take it out without the proper rollovers.

Lastly, why would I be allowed to keep betting if Intertops had absolutely no intention of paying me any of the money? The gentleman in the financial department stated he would not pay more than $50 CAD and I would forfeit the remainder. The funny thing is would charge me $50 USD to do a wire transfer, I would technically owe money to take money out. This has been very frustrating. This also wasn't from a one time bet. I bet 20-30 times winning and losing before getting my account to where it is presently.

This isn't right at all, this isn't how you do business or garner support for people to use a gambling site. I deserve that money, I was allowed to risk that money several times and should be awarded what I won as there was no mention of limitations and I was never cut off from gambling on the site. Like I was able to keep betting and betting and had no issues, no one said no, everything was allowed. Then when I went to take money out I was told no.

If anyone has any advice/ideas I would be very thankful. Also, it has been over 2 days and I haven't heard any responses from, I tried reaching out to them first and had no luck.


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Dec 18, 2014
Hi and welcome to CM :)

From their T&C's:

2.13 If a customer's Intertops betting account is credited with a cash-bonus, customers shall be permitted to convert such bonus to cash for the purpose of withdrawing funds only if the bonus was rolled-over 16 times at minimum odds of 1.5 (-200) in the Sportsbook. Any free money given without requiring a deposit will have a maximum cash out of 10x the bonus given and any additional winnings derived from the said bonus will be forfeited (unless otherwise stated).

Hence, not much you can do if you have received a NDB.