Intertops - didn't honor the wager.


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I have been a user of Intertops for many years. Mainly sports betting. They have live betting which I enjoy. The odds and points change as the game is played. Earlier this week I put a nice little wager on a BB team that was down by 5 points with 4 minutes left. I got 3.55 to 1. It accepted the bet. I noticed after the game was finished that my bet only payed off my wager - just returning my initial bet. I emailed them....they responded that they posted the wrong odds and they returned my wager. They did this after the game was over...they basically changed their mind and didn't honor the wager. I explained to them that is pretty much fraud in my opinion. I am closing my account and moving on. Just a heads up to others that might think about trying them.


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Original title -- "Intertops - sportsbook fraud" -- did not properly reflect the nature of this complaint. Changed it to something that does.

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