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Oct 20, 2005
i have a question for anyone

i signed up at intertops and played their "rookie raise" promo- i did receive the 25% back on all of my deposits on the 15th day- but it also says on the site--- Plus look out for an extra suprise

so never received another suprise so i contacted support- she emailed me back saying that i was eligible for the special suprise, but it was credited automatically by the system and she didnt know what it would be or when it would be credited

i called again today--- it has been almost 2 weeks since rookie raise credited to inquire again what the suprise was and a girl said i probably wouldnt get it ???

since i signed up a month ago i have deposited hundreds of dollars (way too much)--

does anyone know what the suprise is or how long that it took to get credited?

i find it odd that they are telling me multiple stories and no one ever lets me talk to a superivisor/mgr---- you would think that someone there should know what is going on

let me know
since you've asked about it and now expect it, it won't be a surprise. there is a well known paradox concerning this. a man is sentenced by a judge to a surprise hanging at noon on one of the next five days. the prisoner is in his cell contemplating this, and realizes he will not be hanged on the last day, since after noon of the fourth day passes he would know when it's coming and that would eliminate the surprise element. from there he reasons that if such is the case then he also can't be hanged on the fourth day for the same reason, and continues to do so until he's sure he can't be hanged and have it be a surprise. so the only surprise can be that you're getting nothing.

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