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May 11, 2003
Intertops is a online casino and sports book. The sofware for the casino is Microgaming. Blackjack is a nightmare and the player wins 1 hand in 10. I have complained to the gaming board about this place back in March of 2003. They said they would investigate. I never heard back from anyone. I went back to the casino to see if anything has changed. No the games are even worse. I lost 1650.00 in 1 week. I call it stupidity for going back. I just thought they might have cleaned the software since they were aware of my complaint. I will not sleep until the casino portion of Intertops is closed down. These people are cons .
so is intercasino. Oh u can win for a while but when you reach your limit lets say its 150. That is all at bj u will be able to make no more. Their code will automatically tell the dealer to give u a losing hand.
Is there any casino at which Rainman doesn't lose his ass? Are they all fixed? Where does he get his endless supply of money to wager at cheating casinos?

These questions and more to be answered in our next episode.
Ive had great luck at Intertops and paid in 24 hours... but, i don't play bj, I play VP... About 3 months I deposited just $70 and won $3,400 in about 3 hours.
Intertops is fine for sports betting payouts are on time and good customer service but stay away from the Flash casino Blackjack my last 36 hands I lost 28 of them 2 of them were pushes the house had blackjack or 21, 24 percent of the time in this same series I lost 14 in a row

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