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Nov 12, 2006
I post this due to absolute frustration and dispair. As seen in other posts it is obviously to many others that it's becoming nearly impossible to win at MG software casinos.
I have become so annoyed at intertops that in my last letter to their general manager (BB) I asked if I curse him out would he ban me from the casino. I am apparently to dumb to refuse to deposit there anymore and hope they will assist me from being/feeling like a complete idiot. I had assumed it was just a phase. WRONG.
I consider myself a small stakes player in relation to some but in less than a year I cashed out over 1000.00 from partycasino a dozen times. When forced to find a new casino I picked intertops with dual poker/casino site and allowing us play. At intertops I won over 1000.00 once in 2 years. On my first day! Then learned I couldn't cash out for 10 days. Hmmmmm. While not hugely successful I used to enjoy playing at intertops until the past few months.
Who is to blame for this change. Is it MG or does intertops have ability to change the odds at will. Regardless when I call then c**k sucking mother f***cking as**holes piece of sh**t crooks and cheats maybe they will assist me in what needs to be done.

Here's a few quotes i have copied from others that ring true.

I stupidly decided to play at M.G. again today, and lost big.This past month this has happened too often and that's it for me, I've had enough. If they want to become the casino software equivalent of scrooge that's up to them.

I will invest my money somewhere else where I at least have a chance - the whole microgaming thing at the moment seems designed to suck our money like a dyson.

I really hate them. I feel like I've been made a fool of.

Microgaming have gone downlhill. In my experience their games aren't random or fair and I've had enough of them. Being ripped off isn't nice.

My conclusion: Avoid microgaming like the plague, unless you enjoy the experience of theft.

It's a shame cause they used to be my favourite, but this whole experience has left me feeling pished off and bitter towards them...

yes casino games are games of chance... but people don't play to lose - people play to win, and winning something is part of the fun - giving something back to prolong the experience of playing so that it lasts for a while isn't too much to ask is it... I mean most people lose it in the end anyway... but most people want to spend a bit of time playing as that is the enjoyment - losing your deposit in 15 minutes and winning nothing is not fun...
Payouts again around 60%.

I think if there is anyone left out there that still believes the slots are completely random and not weighted to adjust payouts needs to think againFirstly, I state that I am not here to start a debate on software fairness. This thread is merely my last few words on MG slots, since I have decided to stop playing MG software forever after nearly 2 years loyal to this software.


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Nov 14, 2005
Fresno, Ca
I totally understand where you are coming from. mg casinos have gone down so far that they are down there with rouge rtgs,the only difference is mg's let you cash out IF you have anything left to cash out with. but i'm glad you have expressed yourself but now you will probably get flamed on this board for "whining,bitching and moaning" because they don't seem to like it when people express their frustations about gaming.


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Oct 29, 2007
Yeah i think we need a new category for this kind off stuff, as more players would come forward.

So we can realy let some some steam out, when we get ###### % back!

It would be an interesting read + we could get some kind off direction to which casinos are realy taking the piss on ones funds. :)

Ps, i dont have time to flame/as i am fighting the trolls/ :axeman:


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Jan 26, 2007
OK, another player deeply hurted by MG.
After few days cool off from playing, I gave a deep thought on MG software changes. And according to casinomeister, MGS guys said they never changed anything. Here I assume that these guys told the truth. So what happens actually:

I think it is because that due to the recession, few players and few deposites, so winning chances become fewer. Let us be reasonable, from april till now, I did have some good winning sessions, when the software is paying, it is paid like crazy, then several weeks you can not win anything, until you lost all back plus some extra(35K in 6 months). So I checked history posts on this forum, did you recall when US players were cut off from online gaming, what happened? I think it is just the same situation. Soon we will find some old brands fading away.

So will things turn better? yes, but the question is when. I think we all have to read newspaper and wait till business confidence is back.

Meanwhile fellow player brothers and sisters, I think you all as my good pals. Take the recommendation, stay with big boys like r32/dash/fl/ajf and cut off deposites and leave your money for good time.

If you really want to play, ask for comp, my best wishes, we will not be broken when the MG slots turn better.


may Thunderstuck god with you:lolup:


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Oct 26, 2004

I usually don't go in for this sort of flaming but... I have made over 50 deposits into this casino. I have NEVER had ONE winning session ever. As a matter of fact have never been ahead at any point. Of course after so many terrible sessions I have taken to emailing then continuously after each of my last 10 losing battles. The first nine responses were the exact ,word for word same email stating that their casino was just something for their sports betting patrons to play around with on the side between games. WTF !:eek2:
The last email wasn't even answered and I've been waiting over a week. I asked to see my complete game play history including wins/losses, total payouts,deposits and withdrawals (which I have none). The reason I had to ask this is the Playcheck system doesn't even work and never has for my account.
I would recommend running away from this dump as fast as possible. Hell, you'd be better off lighting your $$$ on fire as the end results will be the same. At least you'll get to watch it burn for awhile.


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Jul 17, 2006
Cambridge ON
sportsbooks casinos.

Many sports books have casinos attached to their websites.Many have not and would not pass the standards set by this site, so these websites, are running, a rogue casino, and some are running a good sports book and maybe even a good poker site too.

Intercasino and Red32 casino get a lot of push from players on this site, and if those casinos are not being fair in how they run their online shoe games, how the dice flow, just like in a real physical casino, the people on this site need to stand up.

If those websites pass the mathematical tests of what is considered to be random with integrity by Bryan's standards, then the players on here, should play at those 2 places.

If the Americans choose to gamble despite the ban, then they do so at their own peril, just like any other person trying to bend rules and regulations at their work.

The American government can't stop 300 million people from gambling online and imprison them all, without tighter controls on web surfing.Just like China did in the Olympics on their freedoms on internet usage.

This is global capitalism, that Uncle Sam wasn't ready to play and get involved with.The rounders don't just live in the United States.

The irony of the Americans position, is the pro vs con on gambling and wagering on all competitions.Corruption exists even in children's card games, like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, so why wouldn't it exist with the "big kid" games, that the casinos globally are offered to adults?

If the money falls into the wrong hands, then it won't just be the EU and United States with the problem.Money in the hands of anti-Americans wouldn't be good, as shown in 9/11.Imagine if those people ran online casinos and use the money for that type of incident.

That's why high integrity has to be happening at all online casinos, or some of those million, could filter down to terror cells and groups.

It also shows you, how bad people can get globally too.

Gambling is a double edged sword, be careful who you gamble with.



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Mar 10, 2005
If the Americans choose to gamble despite the ban,
For the last time, gambling online (unless you're in Washington or Kentucky or whatever) is NOT illegal, or banned.

The UIGEA only covers payment processing, NOT the games. And we all know how well that is enforced. :rolleyes:

While we're on the subject, if everyone is so unhappy with MG/RTG/whatever, simply BOYCOTT them. No need to complain about something that isn't going to change. Maybe if enough players do this, they'll get the message.


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Feb 23, 2007

hi guys i know how you all feel but i have very good luck with the fl group. some dry spells but then some really good hits 2 bad i don,t know where the cash-out button is lol.

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