Interstate Online Casino Games Now Legal

Westland Bowl

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Nov 1, 2005
The USA Department of Justice has abandoned trying to get online casino game action, including poker, covered under the Wire Act and therefore illegal. This opens the way for US states to make pacts with states that already have legal online casinos. No more having to actually be physically in that state to play New Jersey's or Delaware's (or any other state's) online casinos. Or perhaps these states just open up their online casinos to all particpants no matter which state they are in (with or without a pact)?

Hopefully being regulated these online casinos will have to show their coding should there be any suspicion of rigging, cheating, or using adaptable AI to anaylze a bettor's play in real time. Since with online casino games like blackjack and baccarat, there is no real card shoe to keep an eye on, so there has to be some method of card dealing transparency hence a code review by regulators.


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