Interops 14-day withdrawal wait - the saga continues


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Mar 15, 2005
About 10 days I posted a message that I felt it was odd that Interops Casino was an approved site when they have a mandatory 14-day wait on withdrawals for new accounts. Here's the followup.

First of all I got an e-mail reponse from their customer support that pointed out one of their general rules, (section 3.9?), that specifically listed the 14-day waiting period. My fault as I usually look at the T&C for bonuses but not the general rules. As I say, my fault.

Today was day 14 so I called their toll-free # to confirm thay my payout was in process. That's when I learned that I had misinterpreted the 14-day waiting period as well. Put into clearer English, they mean " we will not proccess any requests for accounts that have been open for less than 14 days." Since I submitted my request on day 3 of my account's "life" they had cancelled it without telling me! :mad:

So I had to go back,now that I'm 14 days old, and re-request the withdrawal. Supposed to be in the Netteller account in 48 hours.

This is the only online casino at which I've gambled that has had such bizarre restrictions. Are they unique?

Unique, no. Waits for a first withdrawal are the norm, and usually come with requests for documents.

Rude, yes - to cancel the withdrawal without saying so, and allowing you to believe that you simply needed to wait the required 14 days when you actually needed to request the withdrawal again. I would like to know whether this 14 days wait actually had a purpose, rather than just being there for the sake of annoying a new player; you have not mentioned whether they spent the time verifying ID documentation or ensuring deposits were good for value (firepay).
Making it hard to cash in just for the sake of bureaurocracy will not endear them to the player community. Cashing out is often where the best of casinos cause bad feeling, with players feeling the process is more complicated than it need be.

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