Internet good for tribal horserace betting


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Feb 22, 2001

Horsepower 8 World Pool Lottery to launch on the Internet.

Frankfurt and Toronto listed Sungold International Holdings Corp. has announced that it has signed a three year agreement with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in Belcourt, North Dakota, to market and launch in partnership, the Horsepower 8 World Pool Lottery on the Internet.

Both horseracing and lotteries benefit from exemptions to American restrictions on Internet gambling.

The Horsepower 8 World Pool Lottery design challenges players to select the first place finisher in eight live horse races from participating racetracks, running each weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays. Additional prizes will be paid out each day for seven, six and five winners selected correctly. If there is no prizewinner in a pool, the pool carries over to the next race date. As a result, carryover pools are expected to build to extraordinary, life-changing payouts on a regular basis.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Keith Blackwell, CEO of Sungold, said, "The Horsepower 8 World Pool Lottery combines the excitement of live horse racing with a lottery platform, hosted on the Internet for easy access. The market for Horsepower 8 consists of the millions of lottery players worldwide, as well as avid horseplayers. The lottery's anticipated carryovers will offer players dreams of exceptional prizes."

Initially, the eight live races will be viewed over the Internet, and the company is currently in negotiations to make them available on simulcast networks and satellite television as well. Tickets for the Horsepower 8 World Pool Lottery will be available for purchase online and at racetracks, casinos, and other locations using our Internet based freestanding lottery kiosks.

The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians own Chippewa Downs Racetrack and Sky Dancer Casino in Belcourt. The Racetrack features live Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Paint Horse racing. Both the racetrack and casino offer a full menu of simulcast wagering on a year-round basis.

Ray Trottier, signing on behalf of the Chippewa, stated, "As a horseplayer for the last 30 years I see this as a pool-building multi-race wager to the masses. As a Casino General Manager that follows gambling demographics closely, I see a huge crossover coming from the daily and weekly lottery players. We are anxious for the launch, and very appreciative to be named as the jurisdictional partner."


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Sep 12, 2004
Here's a suggestion for them. Add a few slot and VP machines to their online gambling website (ya know, the way all the horse and dog tracks are having to do because the tracks are dying without slots) and boom! their online sites will be overrun with customers. :p

Oh. Wait. That would be illegal wouldn't it? Hmmm... I can blow $25 on some sag back nag, but can't play that same $25 on slots/VP. Hypocrites. :mad:

Sorry, I haven't been off on one of my rants in awhile. That one just popped out. :D


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