Internet Gambling Prohibition Act......Who's Your Daddy?


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Jun 11, 2004
Who or what was the driver in this deal? Was this just Bill Frist's individual mission? If this was a big issue for the religious right, I have not been aware of it.......even though I reside in a virtual snakepit of the religious right. Trying to construct my own grassy knoll theory, and remembering how gaming interests in La. gave a lot of money to Jack Abramov and Ralph Reed to smother a nascent Indian gaming thing in Texas, I really wonder how much money from US B&M Gaming interests went towards the writing of this bill and it's zipping through congress and into law. I have seen some posts here of persons saying that they suppose that now they will be doing their gaming in B&M casinos. I'm going to wait until I am assured that my gambling US dollar is not being hijacked.......

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