Internet Gambling Prohibition Act is Approved


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Jun 30, 1998
The U.S. House Judiciary Committee today approved Rep. Bob Goodlatte's
"Internet Gambling Prohibition Act" as well as Rep. James Leach's "Unlawful
Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006." Both bills will proceed to the
full House of Representatives for further consideration.

House Committee Passes Goodlatte and Leach I-Gaming Legislation
by Bradley Vallerius

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee today approved Rep. Bob Goodlatte's, R-Va., HR 4777, "the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act" as well as Rep. James Leach's, R-Iowa, HR 4411, "the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006." Both bills will proceed to the full House of Representatives for further consideration.

The committee began the morning with the markup of Goodlatte's bill. Very early on Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, proposed an amendment to strike language referring to horse race wagering. During HR4777's hearing before the House Judiciary subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security in early April the status of Internet horse race wagering had been the subject of much confusion. Many representatives at the hearing, including Cannon (who is not actually a member of the subcommittee but is very interested in the issue), indicated that they could not support Goodlatte's bill because of its lack of clarity with regards to horse race wagering. While Goodlatte claimed that his bill made no judgment about the legality of Internet horse race wagering, a representative from the Justice Department stated to the contrary that his agency could not support the bill because of its exception of horse race wagering.

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I'm afraid it is going to pass into law Bryan. The GOP congressmen are on the ropes politically and passing this legislation would amount to a small appeasement to the far right, god fearing, moral majority types in the republican party. Besides, they probably know that if they are going to pass it they need to do it now before their party is over in November and the dems take back congress. I just hope the internet sites don't crank down the software to the point of it being impossible to win so that they can absorb as much revenue as they can now before it is too late! What will the puritans come for next? Our beer, our cigarettes, thoughts?!?!?
The hypocrisy resident in this decision is staggering, but then we have seen these carve-outs in previous attempts so should not be overly surprised.

This time Goodlatte has quite adroitly side-stepped prior failing issues by simply ignoring them or giving the authority to decide to states and Justice officials - he's obviously been doing a lot of footwork on this project of his.

The fat lady has not yet sung, however. This marked up version of the Bill still has to be accepted on the House floor, then the Senate and finally the president.

I see there is already talk of combining the two Bills (Goodlatte and Leach) which is something that a few of the savvy folks in Washington predicted would happen to avoid one conflicting with the other.

This is a (negative) step forward for Goodlatte, but there's a way to go yet.
I hope you're right Jetset about things not being doom and gloom. I just feel strongly that they will ramp up the morality police and get this done. When you consider the putrid state of the republican congress and the demise of the current republican president, they will be eager to garner any support they can from their right wing base. I sure hope you're right that they have a ways to go! On the other hand, with all the foolishness involving online gaming entities these days, I'm not sure alot of us out here will be up for a fight to save something that is becoming more and more clearly a rip off! I hope to see the day that Vegas biggies like Harrahs, MGM etc are allowed to offer their wares over the internet. Then at least I will have some degree of faith in the industry again. Either way, banned or not, online gambling will be viewed as a shady enterprise and thus the anti-gambling throngs will win no matter what.
The United States is turning into the very things that they claim they are trying to protect the world from....
More gestapo crap!! Hilter sure would be proud.:mad: :mad: :mad:
The amount of hypocrisy seen in this action by Congress is staggering, almost beyond comprehension.

Yup, the hand writing is on the wall, it is only a matter of time before the Internet police start kicking down doors, stopping people on the street and ‘legally’ searching everyone to see if their laptop, ipod, blackberry, cell phone, USB memory stick or some other tech goodie has gambling software on it.

I wonder when the American people will realize that their real and true freedom is all but gone? We have allowed our own Government to scare us out of our freedom.

Under the Constitution, the government can not tell any citizen they can not gamble, if the person is in pursuit of happiness...

But the government no longer recognizes that American Citizens have the RIGHT to pursue happiness as guaranteed in the Constitution.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights has one and only one purpose, to limit the power of Government over its citizens.

When Government ignores the Constitution every American should stand up and demand a new Government.
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America isn't going to wake up.
And if it does, it'll be too late.
The Dumbing down of America started right after WW2.
Let's just hope that the new proposal of H.R. 5474 (which develops a study commission on the aspects of online gambling and the U.S., before banning/making a final decision on the prohibition of Internet gambling in the U.S.) can delay the passing of H.R.4411 and H.R.4777. It was introduced one day prior (May 24) to those bills passing the subcommittee.

see link: Outdated URL (Invalid)

Although this is new in going through the process of being fully legislated (as opposed to 4411 and 4777, which are approximately 1/3 of the way there before actually being passed), this bill has been considered and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary, and not "ordered to lie on the table" (i.e., put aside)
Something must be done

I too, was once pro gambling. That is until I took a job in an offshore internet casino. The problem with internet gambling is that regulation in impossible. The industry continues to evolve into a complete criminal enterprise. Read my blog about my experiences. You may be surprised what you learn. Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) :eek:

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