Intercontinental Online Gaming, Imperial E-Club and Crown Solutions


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Apr 4, 2005

These are several large groups of Playtech casinos.

Imperial E-Club is Casino Del Rio, Casino Tropez, City Club Casino, Europa Casino, Racetrack Casino and Vegas Red


Intercontinental Online Gaming consists of 50 Stars Casino, Casino King, Magic Box and Swiss Casino.

In addition, there is the Crown Solution group, which consists of Carnival Casino, Club Dice, Joyland (affiliated), Monaco Gold, New York Casino and USA Casino.

These are confusingly also called Intercontinental Casinos, and are also registered in Antigua:

Welcome to USA Casino and Welcome InterContinental Casinos!

InterContinental Casinos was founded in 1998 by land-based casino industry executives to provide gaming and gambling enthusiasts with a trustworthy online casino environment dedicated to high quality software and excellent service, satisfying the expectations of players accustomed to the standards set by bricks and mortar casinos.

Imperial E-Club and Crown Solution both have addresses in the same building, the Woods Centre, while Intercontinental Online Gaming doesn't list a building but has the same sequential PO Box numbers starting in W, which is not normal for Antiguan PO boxes and can only mean that they are in the Woods Centre as well....

So is Intercontinental the same as Intercontinental Online, and is Imperial E-Club the same as Intercontinental Online Gaming, as has been suggested?
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Intercontinental Casinos were separate to Intercontinental Online Gaming but their license has just expired. They were just the USA/NewYork casino group (moved to Playtech in 2002) but I am pretty sure something has changed because they cross promote with the Club Dice group now.

Intercontinental Online Gaming has been the Swiss Casino group and Imperial e-club has been the Tropez group for some time but they both used to be under the same casino license (Global Interest Gaming Ltd.). They seemed to be operating under an unknown license in the interim period when that license expired in October 2002 and before the others began about six months later.

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