Interchamps ~ MISLEADING PROMO!!!


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Dec 18, 2003

I got a letter in the mail with a $50 coupon attached to it. It says $50 free and a code. It also says For complete terms and conditions, visit:
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When I went there, there were no terms, so I called. They told me that you had to get that 50.00 up to between $1,000 and $1500 to be able to cash out. When I asked them where the terms on for promos on the site, they said they weren't updated yet. This is NOT RIGHT.
Please look at the site because they may update it before you get the chance.
There should be a warning about this....because I'm not a newbie so I know to call before playing any bonus. Most people who get these letters are new to online gambling. It's not right that casino sends these letters out without updating the terms.
i agree

Good old Inter not doing a good job with people and this mailed out letter. Got to agree with the slotchik that Inter should of had the T and C ready before they even thought of mailing it out. Bad job inter get on this and send out the T and C to the people you mailed this letter to! :(

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