Intercasino's new multihand video poker format


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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
I play quite a bit at Intercasino and have always enjoyed their multihand video pokers. But over the weekend they made some dramatic changes in the format and graphics and I really didn't like the changes.

The graphics seem fuzzy, there is too much going on on the screen, and whatever 'adjustments' they did to add the stupid bonus (pennies) for discards that show up again certainly seems to have dramatically tightened the odds. I went from having a nicely up weekend to winning almost nothing after the format change. Granted, that could just be the vagaries of the game, but it went from good to bad at the instant the format changed.
You should still be able to play the version of the game without the bonusing feature if you want to. There are two versions there. So far as I know, the original VP hasn't changed except for adding a turbo button.
Thank you for straightening me out


Thank you for pointing that out. I had been playing double bonus poker, and for some reason started jumping in through 'bonus video poker' instead of the normal video poker. I am happily back with my normal video poker.


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