Intercasino VP tournament question


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Feb 21, 2004
I hope Ryan is listening, but any advice would be appreciated.

I've enjoyed several Intercasino tourney's over the past few months, but may be having a problem this time. The tournament (Bonus Video Poker/3 line), indicates that a maximum bet of $5 is allowed, but I cannot get my bet to increase above 0.25c. In the past, I had no trouble changing my bet.

I e-mailed support, but got no response. Today I called their support #, and was told that there was no way to increase the bet. This may be the case, but I can't understand how so many players have created huge stacks (more than $3K after starting with 1K) betting 0.25 (actually $1.25 x 3) with just 90 minutes of play. 4 of a kinds only pay $32.50, and I could hit back to back royals and still be out of the money.

This may boil down to a strategy issue. Maybe the way to play this tourney is by extreme doubling! Any ideas?

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