intercasino uses a rng code to limit your winnings


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Oct 26, 2001
ah yes ic is using some kind of program code in bj to not let u go over a set amount. For example let's say between 40 and 49 is the limit. You will not be able to get 50 no matter how hard u try.This is outright cheating and we as a whole should not stand for it. Knowledge is power. This is easily proven.
This is playing alone whether mulitiplayer version or alone version. Playing with others its a toss up. But that still is cheating if you have to play with other peo0ple to win, especially when u have to rely on their play.
I know I know, I should not play there but barnum was right a sucker is born every min. I guess I keep playing hoping the casino will come clean and not use that code anymore. Silly me.
Give it a break already. I know people who make a ton of money over at Intercasino playing BJ. You seem to be obsessed with this IC cheating thought....perhaps you should consider giving up gambling, it upsets you very much.
wrong linda I can prove it . They are using a cheat code it is pure and simple. They limit waht u can make if u just play bj. I did not say other games which those winnners could have play ed as well.
for all I know they could be singling me out too for calling them cheats which would make them just that
This is outright cheating and we as a whole should not stand for it. Knowledge is power. This is easily proven.

OK I'll ask, show us the proof of this please.
I've played there for MANY years and have made many $$ from them. Even playing bj.

All your log viewer will show is your wins & losses, not PROOF that there is a cheat code. You'd need to have recorded at least 100,000 hands in order to show any kind of cheating pattern. I think the recent report that shows microgaming may be less than random had a few million hands worth of data, and even that is being questioned.

It seems like every place you have played at is 'cheating' at bj. Is there any online casino you have played at that you think is not cheating you?
my log viewer does show a cheating pattern. ive probably played close to that no. of hands. Ive played there for yrs. I think this senator kyle bs might have somehting to do with casinos tightening up their software. Possibly my suspicious play in the past where I was winning alot of money with a high low type of card count may be to blame. I almost always know when the dealer has bj based on how much money I have left. I ve been between 90 percent to a 100 range on this.this pattern has been happening for mths. now.I keep playing to prove it wrong and it is always the same. No doubts at all they rigged the software whether just me or everyone. Im sure it didnot help me emailing them with this. Ive sent them my log viewer results to show this but they already know.Ive tried quite a few different strategies to see if one works against their software but always the same. If I am at that cutoff amount I know I will lose that hand or push.
hey linda perhaps u dont have a clue what u are talking about.If u played under my name on my pc u would not even question my claim, nor would anyone except maybe a casino emplyee for inter.
hey jpm or anybody if u dont have an account at william hill please open one and come watch me play there so I can show u the limit pattern. You want proof come watch me play. Like I said I can easily prove it. Heck come play with me cause at will hill I may be able to win with anohter player but alone they keep limiting me. I am the only one there too seems to say something about this one. I am going back there now 8:54 pm est. talk is cheap but evidence ain't
9:06pm est now and I'm going to go in and see if I can find you. What is your player name there?
OK, I found rainman at a bj table but when I click on 'watch game' it says the player name is 'bakelady'. Is that you? bankroll is in the $850 range.
bakelady? smile

no reply jpm, guess he's makin' 'bread'? hahaha
Lol jinnia!

Well I watched rainman or bakelady, whichever he/she is for at least an hour starting about 10 mins after his/her post. He/she was playing alone versus the dealer.

What I observed was a remarkable number of player blackjacks, probably twice as many as the dealer. The dealer ALWAYS checked for bj when he had a 10 showing or an ace showing after offering insurance. The player did not play perfect strategy as previously stated. I had a chart open on a second screen while watching the game and during that hour observed at least 5 deviations from perfect play strategies (e.g. splitting when you should hit, or vice/versa, doubling/not doubling when you should/shouldn't, etc). At least 4 of these were costly errors, resulting in a loss/push/or smaller win than the player should have had.

But the main problem I saw was the utilization of a progressive betting 'strategy'. I think all of the experts agree that these are doomed to failure. This accounted for the largest percentage of player losses. Also, the player didn't drop back to their original base bet ($4) after a while and began betting more and more in an apparent effort to win back losses. This is also a strategy that is doomed to failure. The player was staying pretty much even until these strategies began taking their toll. After about an hour on this low limit table, this player lost about $200 and was still playing when I left.

Looked like a typical land based game to me. I didn't see any obvious cheating by the dealer. I'd say both player & dealer got their share of multicard 21 hands, and as I said before the player had probably 2x the number of natural bj's as the dealer. Chasing lost money and getting greedy on some hand is coming back to bite him/her. The problem is really with the way the player is betting & playing, not with the RNG.
jpm ... english..Please!!! lol

So if that was rainman you were watching. Nothing wrong with the game, it's his/her playing style then?
bakelady? I am not bakelady? I wasa there at that time and i was the only one playing bj. And i don't have 850 there. 120 or so now
something very wrong for no other bj players were listed at the tables.I left at like 9:20 est
I played some craps too cause I can never get past a certaiin amouint with straight bj. If u see me there playing watch my balance not wins too losses. everything is not alwys as it seems. Also I want to test a theory , I need one player to play bj with me. I have played with one other person before and won rather easily but now no one is there.At least on my screen I am only one. I am using the cd they sent me cause I could not gain access with the download.That may have something to do with it.
something very wrong for no other bj players were listed at the tables.I left at like 9:20 est
yeah but I am correct. Will hills code kcikcked in now. starting to lose every single hand all of a sudden. Somedoby please come play with me by myself they just gonna keep cheating.

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