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May 11, 2006
North of Antarctica
I received an email this afternoon from InterCasino, inviting me to take a survey:
Dear ,

At InterCasino we strive to continuously improve our service as well as our casino. To ensure we provide you with what you need, we need your help and opinions.

We have joined teams with Greenfield, a leading, global market research firm, who will be conducting an online survey on our behalf. The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete and we would appreciate it if you could complete the survey as soon as possible, no later than one week from today.

Your feedback and opinions are very important to us. If you complete the survey, your name will be entered in a prize draw for $1,000 at Intercasino. The prize draw will take place at the end of July 2006 – entries close Friday 28th July so don’t miss out.

To complete our online survey, please click here.

If you have any problems accessing the site or completing the survey, please email at

All information you provide will be kept STRICTLY confidential. Results will be reported in aggregate form only. This survey is for research purposes only, and is not intended to sell or market any products.

We look forward to your thoughts and opinions and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Ryan Hartley
Manager - InterCasino
No problem, I thought. So I clicked on the link to take the survey, it requested my email address. I entered it and clicked Next, then it tells me that I am not eligible to take the survey.

My beef is, if I wasn't eligible to take the survey then why send me the email in the first place? Now a third party has obtained my email address through false pretenses.

I recommend others avoid this alleged "survey".
Actually Greenfield is a pretty reputable survey company. I wouldn't worry too much about it. But you are right that, why send the email, if you don't qualify. It might be that they received enough responses to the email already.
The original solicitation said to contact the survey company in the event of a problem, but I contacted InterCasino themselves. Their response was typical; that it's not a marketing scam and that I should contact Greenfield if I have a problem.

Mind you, if I had encountered an actual problem, such as a JavaScript error, a "404 Page Not Found" or a "500 Internal Server Error", I would have definitely contacted Greenfield. But this really is not their problem - the data about who is and who is not eligible could only have been provided by InterCasino, so it would be senseless to contact Greenfield about it.

In any event, I'm not going to pursue this any further because it's really not that big of a deal...and even if I do start getting (more) junk emails, I have a pretty decent spam filter anyway.
Not quite good enough.

One point here is that Intercasino have supplied some of your personal information to Greenfield in order for them to run the survey. If you are supposed to contact Greenfield about the ineligibility error, then Greenfield must have enough of your personal information to look into the problem.
If you are ineligible, then Intercasino have UNNECCESSARILY passed on this information, as the survey was not to be carried out.

I have not had this mailer myself, so clearly some kind of filter has been applied by Intercasino. Seems they have made mistakes with some mailers.

Greenfield are at least a proper survey company, not a scam. The mailer posted looks similar to the standard Greenfield format. Such survey companies conduct surveys on behalf of many companies, but on an opt-in basis. If you have never signed up for Greenfield, they should not use the E-mail they obtained from this survey for their own marketing (such as getting you to sign up).
InterCasino Survey

Hi there,

These surveys are legitimate surveys which have been managed by a legitimate company. I do understand the frustration felt by being rejected, however, this could have been for a few reasons set by the research company. The most common reason was that they had already received enough people to complete the quota required.

The details that Greenfield has received will never be shared and were only used to be able to track who answered the survey in order to do their analysis. Please rest assure that we will never use a company that would have the potential to send unsolicited emails.

Your opinions in the surveys are essential for us to be able to create new games and improve on our existing offers and software. I trust that you will appreciate this and I do apologise for any frustrations felt.

Free bonus w/o WR is why last time.

I received this also a while back on a survey, and it was worth filling out the survey because I was given $50 with no strings attached as I remember it. :D

I will fill out any survey regardless, every 20 minutes for $50 , :D which is more than generous, I feel. Don't know if this offer was given on this new survey tho, for I didn't receive one, this time around. :what:
First, hi everyone. I'm new-ish here. I've been lurking for 2 months, but this is my first actual post.

Secondly, I used to work at a couple different telephone survey places, both on the phones, and in the admin office. (I am now blessed with a much better job).

The way we would get phone numbers from companies that would ask us to survey their customers was in batches. Each batch would have been pre-processed into groups by the company (such as by location, or by average amount spent, etc.), but we would only know that we needed 75 responses from batch A, 200 from batch B, etc. We would then report the figures as "54% of batch A answered yes to question #1... etc." This way, the respondants were promised anonymity in their answers, and the company didn't give away any telling data on their customers. But the company could still see what the differences were based on the criteria that mattered to them.

Because these were specific customer numbers, the only time we kept a record of them was when one asked to be put on our Do Not Call list, so their number would not come up while doing random surveys. When we did random-sample survey our numbers were generated by a random-number creator, then checked against the DNCL before we called. It was a standard feature of that kind of contract to protect customer's data, and I cannot see web-surveys done by a reputable firm being written up differently.

I can't guarantee any of this, as I'm in no way associated with any of the companies involved, but that's what sounds plausible to me with my experience.

If rejection was as mundane as a quota having been reached, why not put this up on the rejection screen when telling a player they are ineligible. Simply saying they are ineligible for "no reason" makes the customer feel they have tried to help with an important survey to be told "you are not important enough to take part", so they are left wondering why THEY have been singled out for rejection. Most will not bother to contact the company or casino, they will just feel they are less valued than other players and their opinion does not count. Indeed, if they cannot take part, their views will not be considered in the analysis.
Part of the problem is probably overbooking. They need, say, 200 replies so send out 2000 mailers in the first batch. If they get a good response rate, many players will end up being rejected.
I have signed up for a few of these, where you earn rewards per survey, and the worst is CIAO, which sent me 100 personalised invitations where I was eligible for only ONE! They then had the cheek to tell me that my particular profile was more desirable as fewer "old" * people took part in such studies than was ideal.

* Confounded cheek of it, 45 is not OLD!
The original email i recieved stated:

" Because we know how valuable your time is, we will be paying you for your time by depositing $50 into your account once you have completed the survey. Please note that this amount will be deposited into your account at the end of July 2006."

So I did the survey (successfully) and a few hours later recieved the same email with that bit removed, replaced with 'you'll be entered into a draw'.

Guess what, I didn't recieve the $50 for doing the survey :mad:

TrickyNicky said:
The original email i recieved stated:

" Because we know how valuable your time is, we will be paying you for your time by depositing $50 into your account once you have completed the survey. Please note that this amount will be deposited into your account at the end of July 2006."

So I did the survey (successfully) and a few hours later recieved the same email with that bit removed, replaced with 'you'll be entered into a draw'.

Guess what, I didn't recieve the $50 for doing the survey :mad:


Dont let them off the hook. Forward the original mail to Ryan Hartley and demand the $50 which did take up much of your precious time. Additionally, they can also enter you for the draw but that doesnt mean that they are relieved of paying the $50 into your account as promised.
lol 45 is a baby! (speaking as a 50 year old)

vw ..from what I understand there may be 50 or more variances in data they are looking for ie hispanic/male/50,000 a year 21-25 years, african american/female/60,000 a year 30-40 years ect. depending on what company has hired the site to conduct their survey for them. I signed up to participate in surveys from a rep. website, was always late in answering their emails and was never able to get in. I contacted a rep and they said they send out thousands and thousands of emails and get quick replies..thus filling up variances quickly (this is for money and prizes) not surprisingly...the ones where the reward is only entering a contest is usually open.. I didnt bother and cancelled my sign on. I never started getting spam after I signed on with them,they kept my address confidential. I guess if I was trying to get a broad view of the public for my product sales I would have variances and set a limit on each one also. Hope my experience with the survey company helps.:)
ps....I agree.. I would go after the company for the $50..even if they say the $50 allotment filled while you were taking the survey....once you were accepted you are supposed to be paid.....GOOOOOO for it!
Thanks for bothering to reply to me Intercasino support! I got an automated email saying I should hear back in 4 hours, a week later = nothing!
Pretty disgusting that a casino sends out a mailer like this, promising $50 to do a survey, then doesn't pay :mad:
Free market research

By the way does anyone fill in those surveys they give you on an aircraft? They ask for tons of personal information and want their market research done for free but still I see the zombie hoards happily scribbling away!
Get paid for your time.
Intercasino survey

I completed one a couple of months ago and was given the $10 that was promised to me. I would be more than happy to complete one for $50 if they will pay it into my account.
With all the "weighty" issues of non payment, faulty software, crappy customer service, etc, etc, I just can't see getting worked up over this survey thing.

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