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Jan 13, 2005
Vancouver Island
I've been doing absolutely horrible on MG slots lately so thought I'd give Intercasino a whirl.
Deposited $50 and managed to cash out $150 in half an hour playing 3 of their new slots at .90 per spin. Got the bonus rounds more often than MG and their payouts were much better.
I've had bad luck there before, but was pleasantly surprised this time.
Nice change from MG. :thumbsup:
Intercasino has always been my favorite, but things have been a bit slow, I am actually looking for a good MG casino and have gotten a few recommendations. However, last night I deposited $30 with Intercasino and played the Millionaire's club almost exclusively and got it over $200 before I played it all back. Added $10 to my comp points which I got to play with a bit this AM before work. Still plenty left for tonight. So maybe my luck with them has turned around a bit. :)
My favourite casinos for MG are any of the Jackpot Factory group - First Web, All slots, All Jackpots and Wild Jack. They will give bonus money every so often and their playthrough for wagering is only X 5.
Never had a problem with them at all.

Edit: I noticed on another thread that you use Instacash. First Web and Wild Jack don't have it but I think both All Slots and All Jackpots do.
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Have to say I enjoyed the new striptease slot Intercasino added. Just a bit gutted to find a) you can only remove 4 items of her clothing and b) she covers up the interesting bits ;)

On the subject of new games, I see MG has made a Flash version of "What On Earth" for the Instant Play casinos and added a new soccer pub-style slot...which is quite good actually...tried it today.
Striptease slot at Intercasino

Because it was a new rapid fire slot, I played it for about one minute. I'll bet it becomes VERY popular with the guys, but it never is my night for girls.
Now they need one based on the Chippendales (male strip teasers here in the States) so us gals can have some fun! :lolup:
I have played the striptease slot :oops: and find it to be pretty good. At least the bonus rounds at cryto give you something, not like MG where you get minimun wins or nothing per spin.

I agree with Darem, it's time for some male strippers :D
Dewberry said:
At least the bonus rounds at cryto give you something, not like MG where you get minimun wins or nothing per spin.

True but the fact there is always a maximum you know you can win - well usually - removes the excitement for me. I prefer the bonus games where you could in theory win a very large amount, even if it doesn't happen that often - at least the chance is there.

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