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Oct 26, 2001
finally a month approx. later they respond with an email reply. I had them phone me too. I explained the situation to the representative and told me I would have to dig up my sent emails. I did that and resent it.Now I keep getting garbage like we need more info. I made it very clear, The dealer had a bj I had like a 14 and took a hit got 7. Dealer then flips over the bj.That is not allowed. Plus if the ace was up I did not get a chance to take insur. I don't know how much more simply I can explain this. This happned 6 times to me and finally the bug report people resonded as well. Now I also have to worry about taking to long to report this cause we can't check that far back. Well if they would have answered my email within 24 hrs. instead of a month ,That would not have been a problem. Someone please help.
Did you actually lose any money due to this "bug". The hand you describe losses either way. I have played Intercasino for 3 years, never seen this happen and I am very happy with them!

Has anyone else seen this "bug"?
I have to agree with goldpicks, i never seen this happened before. The dealer always check for a blackjack first when they have an ace or a 10 card.
The dealer did not in my case. I would not lose the hand if dealer had ace up and I took insurance.Not only that it changes the cards for the next hand.
I recall someone complaining about this bug long ago.

I am a victim of another bug of Crypto software at Kiwi casino. It was more than a year ago. The server crashed and almost all my money in the casino account dissappeared including the $15 bet on BJ. The server crashed exactly right after I clicked "bet" and my bet was accepted.

I sent lots of emails, none was replied nor acknoledged by Ecash. They ignored me completely. After some time the casino refunded me the dissappeared money (about $123) but never the bet.

So, "it has never happened to me" does not mean it has never happened at all.

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Kiwi hasn't been Cryptologic for ages! But I have never seen this behavior at any cryptologic casino either. It annoyingly checks everytime it has a 10 or A. Which version are you running rainman?

BTW, it doesn't change the cards for the next hand since it shuffles before each hand.
no it don't. It shuffles the cards back in unlike land based casinos in atlantic city , yet they claim to have the same odds. Give me a break! AC plays through the deck.Not only that the cards are put in a different spot if the hand is changed to a bug.
Obviously you didn't read the rules of this game on their website. It ABSOLUTELY DOES SHUFFLE before each hand so it makes no difference whether this 'bug' actually happened or not (personally I don't think it did).

From their website regarding the blackjack game "The cards are shuffled after each hand, pairs may not be re-split, and players may not draw additional cards on split Aces. "

'Shuffling' in online casinos is NOT the same as shuffling a real deck of cards. The software generates a virtual deck of cards before each game and deals from this deck. Results of that deck have no influence on the next deck since the cards don't exist and aren't put back into any deck. Its as though you were playing at a land based casino and after each hand they throw away that deck, pull out a new one and shuffle it, deal, throw out that deck, repeat.
ah no. There would be no reason jpm to reshuffle if that were true. They keep shuffling the cards back into the deck but play through to a certain amount then reshuffle.
In multiplayer they play through one third of the deck. By yourself they may do what you stated. I played both.
ah, ok I was talking about the single player version. In that one its a reshuffle after each hand as I'd described. I don't usually play the multiplayer version since I don't want someone else's play influencing my hand.

What were the limits on the table you were playing? I've seen on higher limit tables at land based casinos and online that the dealer doesn't check for BJ. Perhaps this is the case on the multiplayer tables there.
I have tried out a great number of On line casinos over the last 2 years. Intercasion by FAR is the best, graphics, games and SPEED Payouts. Can not Beat it. May not have the huge bonues like others but compensates by it's immediate apyment process.

bravo Intercasion

Intercasino is probably one of the most trusted casinos online, and many other operations could learn from thier ethics. However, the odds of a game of blackjack that shuffles after every hand are going to be considerably worse in the long run than any game that is dealt from a finite # of cards before it has to be re-shuffled. Have you ever sat down at a blackjack table with one of those auto-shufflers?? I avoid those tables like the plague, and so do most other players that know something about the game, because at a normal blackjack game there are times that the cards favor the player more and times they favor the house more. The odds change continously, however the odds stay pretty much the same all the time online, BAD!!! Your only chance is to vary your bet and hope you time your big bets right. I have racked up some pretty impressive wins at intercasino(even though foolishly I spent them). Just face it, there is not and probably never will be a game of blackjack on the net that truly reflects the odds of an Atlantic City game.
yet they claim to be better than atlantic city. Obvisiouly not.Funny thing online too, I do better at the single player than I do multiplayer. Go figure.
I always play single player on any of those game, particularly let it ride. I think the odds are better on that one when you play alone. And on BJ, I don't like the idea of someone else screwing up my hand if they do something stupid, so again I'll play single player for that.

Toofast, are you saying that some land based casinos now shuffle after each hand?? That SUCKS!
rainman, was your hand resumed after a dropped connection? I've heard of a similar problem before.
It's interesting that they shuffle before each hand but (in the multi-player bj) the graphics show a "shuffle" only periodically. (It feels to me like after about 4 decks.) The periodic graphic shuffling definitely gives the impression that you are getting at least some penetration. I have always liked Intercasino but this sure seems deceptive to me.
That does sounds misleading. I suppose its to give you the feel of a land based casino, but it sure makes you think they are not shuffling after each hand. This must be what rainman was referring to.
Most of the casinos here in the midwest have a quite a few tables with auto-shufflers, mostly on the low-limit tables, they re-insert the cards back into the machines after each round
i personally dont play at too many casinos however i have never had a problem with intercasino and i deposit there at least once a month.(i count down the minutes till match lol)but im a big interbingo lover lol.but from my expereinces i have fount it to be a very fair casino.i love it!!
yes it was a resumed game happens alot if you get disconnected and ocme back in happened to me at omni today too intercasino is the most cheat one i ahve ever played at next to will hill and river nile oh and onluck bj and tri card poker are so rigged

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