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Intercasino - resolved

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by dcast, Jul 14, 2005.

    Jul 14, 2005
  1. dcast

    dcast Dormant account

    Over the past 6 months I have been having problems with these guys and they are the only ones.
    I use many other casinos recommended on this board and these guys are the worst.

    Their software crashes and freezes, so I cannot even play, their support sucks and does not answer.
    I have sent many email to Ryan and support in general, including PM's to Ryan on this board.

    I even "pitched a bitch" over a week ago and have heard nothing back.

    I just either want my cash out minus their lousy restrictive bonus or provide me with software that works! I have uninstalled the software many times, downloaded the files from their site, updated and it still does not work right.
    Totally frustrating, and on top of that they are holding over $300 of my winnings for an $80 bonus from over a year ago that was not told then that I had to play 80 TIMES the deposit...what a ripoff!

    I would only recommend this casino to be on the "loser" list than anythign else.
  2. Jul 15, 2005
  3. ryan_hartley

    ryan_hartley Casino Representative

    Casino Manager
    Problems with your InterCasino account

    Hi dcast,

    On numerous occasions our helpdesk has provided you with technical support to resolve the software problems you have been experiencing.

    The reason you are unable to withdraw your balance is because you have outstanding wagering requirements on your account. The game Baccarat does not count towards meeting the wagering requirements for the bonus as per our terms and conditions. It is one of 3 games excluded from the promotion due to widespread misuse of the bonus through these games.

    Almost all of your wagering has been in Baccarat. If this is the only game you wish to play, you will never meet the requirements for the bonus. I suggest you register a new account, send me an email with your new account number, and I will remove your account from this particular promotion. Alternatively, make deposits of less than $25, and you will never receive the bonus regardless of how many deposits you make.

    Please note that the wagering requirements for the bonus are 25 times, not 80 times.

    Ryan Hartley.
  4. Jul 15, 2005
  5. mac_user

    mac_user Dormant account


    Why do so many online casinos that offer bonuses show the bonuses in the player's total before they have been "earned"? Usually, you have to carefully read the fine print to even know that you won't get the bonus if you only play certain games. This practice makes it seem as if the player has more money than he or she really has. I think that most "bonus abuse" comes about because of this deceptive practice.
  6. Jul 16, 2005
  7. dickens1298

    dickens1298 Dormant account

    LA, California

    Not really sure how this is "deceptive".

    It literally takes less than a minute to read the T&Cs. A casino is offering you a bonus - e.g. free money - and you're unwilling to read for a minute or so if there are any restrictions? Not too much to ask of a player.
  8. Jul 16, 2005
  9. dickens1298

    dickens1298 Dormant account

    LA, California
    Contrarian view:

    I run Intercasino off of an older desktop (about 4-5 years old). Runs like a charm.

    They have been incredibly fair about payouts once WR have been met. On the typical $90 bonus, the WR is $2250. I can literally make $2260 in wagers, and immediately cash out. No fuss, no problem.

    Their BJ is fair. My winnings are not usually huge, but are enough.

    Absolutely love their CS. About 9 months ago I was playing on my gf's computer. There was some sort of communication error, which interrupted my play. I called to complain, and was credited - without asking - $75.

    Personally, I think that Intercasino is one of the best around.

    PS NEVER saw a WR of 80...so I'm not sure what T&C you are looking at.
  10. Jul 16, 2005
  11. paul1

    paul1 Dormant account

    You can say THAT again! :thumbsup:
  12. Jul 16, 2005
  13. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    That's because I took a few days off last week. Is that ok with you?
  14. Jul 16, 2005
  15. mac_user

    mac_user Dormant account

    If your account total shows money that is not really there, that is 'deceptive.' It would not be difficult for online casinos to place notices on non-bonus games telling players that these games do not qualify. But ideally, the bonus should not appear until it is earned. That would end most bonus abuse.

    The reason for showing a larger total than is really there is because it encourages the player to bet more. The more the player bets over the long run, the more the house wins.
  16. Jul 16, 2005
  17. dickens1298

    dickens1298 Dormant account

    LA, California
    So you would prefer having a "bonus" account - like some other casinos employ?
    That creates more confusion than not.

    With Intercasino, it's easy. I deposit $310, and earn the $90 bonus. I know that I need to wager $2250 to be able to cash out the bonus ($90 times 25). I also recognize that if my bankroll includes the $90 bonus.

    Is that really too difficult for people to figure out?

    Goodness, has the world come to such a state where basic math skills and common sense cannot even be reasonably applied?
  18. Jul 17, 2005
  19. mac_user

    mac_user Dormant account

    The issue isn't math, it's ethics.
  20. Jul 17, 2005
  21. kfellmy

    kfellmy Dormant account

    Intercasino is one of the best, if not the best. I have had one problem ever and it was taken care of within minutes of my phone call.

    This is the only casino I play on a regular basis. All the others I don't trust.
  22. Jul 17, 2005
  23. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of 1.6 - troll

    Casino apologist
    Yup, bonuses are very unethical.
  24. Jul 17, 2005
  25. paul1

    paul1 Dormant account

    I'm going to guess that you are very young, perhaps 21 or younger. Because your complaints so far are sounding pretty immature and clueless to me. I don't want to flame and get myself booted from this forum, but if anyone ever sounded like a whiny clueless newbie, it is you. There is NOTHING "deceptive" by Intercasino here, and you are complaining about one of the BEST casinos in cyberspace. And surely you MUST be a newbie or you wouldn't be SO surprised about your baccarat play not being counted. EVERYONE disallows baccarat, duh. Yet you post here that the best casino out there sucks?

    In fact, speaking of baccarat, in the early days of online gambling Intercasino was one of the LAST to exclude baccarat. THAT'S how user-friendly THEY are. Up until about early 2002, (I think), you actually could play baccarat there and have it count towards bonus clearing. Ha! They even let you play craps back then. Intercasino pays fast, they play fair, they keep giving great promotions, geez, what else do you want?

    So anyway, grow up, and learn to recognize a good deal when you see it, and recognize that Intercasino is one of the BEST, and very player-friendly! Long live Intercasino!
  26. Jul 17, 2005
  27. raol

    raol Dormant account

    If you lose your deposit before completing the WR, you don't want to be able to play with the bonus? Crediting the bonus after completing WR instead of before is unfavorable for the player.
  28. Jul 17, 2005
  29. paul02085

    paul02085 Senior Member

    Fishing :)
    No offense, but this thread is a joke.
  30. Jul 18, 2005
  31. jamiester

    jamiester Dormant account

    Overnight dispatcher
    Hampshire County, MA
    Great, if only they would hire some people to answer email support.....
  32. Jul 19, 2005
  33. dcast

    dcast Dormant account

    Hi Ryan...I would be glad to but you never answer my emails.
    Why dont you just deduct the $80 bonus and send the balance to my Neteller account and we can call it square. I just want to move on as your support department has not helped me one bit by offering a canned solution that does not work. As if it did I would not be here complaining and would be losing my money to you; :)

    Thanks for all your assistance.
  34. Jul 19, 2005
  35. dcast

    dcast Dormant account

    Hey Paul...I assure you I am educated and over 40. I would not be complaining one bit if just the software would would work...then at least I could wager another game to give me the credit to earn the bonus...I just want my winnings so I can move on...there are too many other great casinos out there that work and can take my money...at least with the others I can enjoy losing or winning!
  36. Jul 19, 2005
  37. dcast

    dcast Dormant account

    Hi Bryan...of course. Your are a cool dude, was not getting on your case, or did not mean to! Weather has been good over there....a good friend of mine lives in Rupholding. :thumbsup:

    Anyway I miss the Heffi...(bier)

    Even though this is not really resolved, there is an issue of the operability (no probs with other casinos) and my $300 in winnings that I cannot even try to lose. YIKES!!! Hopefully Ryan will do the right thing with my request in my post.
  38. Jul 19, 2005
  39. mac_user

    mac_user Dormant account

    As this thread seems to be attracting shill posts, I won't make any additional comments here.

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