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Intercasino - Resolved

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by Flyer187, Dec 9, 2005.

    Dec 9, 2005
  1. Flyer187

    Flyer187 Senior Member PABnoaccred

    England, UK
    Evening Everyone,

    I've been having a number of issues with Intercasino recently, particularly around that fact that I recently made my first deposit on the 26th November and started playing here and won quite big (1,452.00 UK pounds).

    The problem is they have not provided me with a PIN number enabling me to withdraw any money (and as you've probably guessed) I have lost my winnings.

    They have already exceeded their Terms and Conditions by not providing me with a PIN number within 3 - 5 days (I still dont have a PIN on the 9th December meaning they are already over 10 working days late in providing me with this facility).

    I originally emailed Intercasino and they said they would credit my account with a 100 pound goodwill payment, however this represents less than 10% of the actual cashout amount I requested.

    Here is a copy of the most recent email i have sent to Intercasino Management (JaneB@intercasino.co.uk) -

    Good Evening,

    Please can you contact me on ************* (UK mobile).

    I have received disgraceful customer service and casino management from Intercasino and wish to speak to the highest level of authority to report this.

    Here is a list of the problems I have encountered -

    1). Intercasino have not delivered my casino PIN number in line with the Terms and Conditions on this page You must register/login in order to see the link. and therefore they have broke their Casino Operating Guidelines.

    2). My request to withdraw 1,452.00 was refused because I did not have a PIN number (because Intercasino have not sent it). This PIN number (because of its importance), should have been sent by recorded delivery or DHL - if Intercasino did not do so then they are responsible for it not being delivered.

    3). A 100.00 offer of goodwill/compensation was made and placed in my account, however this offer represents less than 10% of the amount I requested to withdraw.

    4). It is my understanding that a UK casino cannot refuse to pay any customer if the request is received within the rules of the UK Gaming Act (I am a HR Manager who specialises in Terms and Conditions) and my request was made within the guidelines.

    5). The Customer Support I have received from your helplines has been both uninformed and very uninformative.

    I would appreciate an immediate phone call to the number above, and a full and complete explanation of all the points I have raised.

    Additionally, if the response I receive from Intercasino management is not satisfactory, I will refer this incident immediately to the UK Gaming Authorities.


    Philip Pattison
    USER NAME - **********
    ACCOUNT NUMBER - *************

    If anyone on this board has a good relationship with any customer/management support representative from Intercasino please email me at This email is not visible to you. or send me a private message on here.

    Additionally, if anyone has any advice as to what my next course of action should be, please respond to this post or email me direct.

    Thanks in advance guys

    Phil P (Flyer187)
  2. Dec 9, 2005
  3. Webzcas

    Webzcas Winter is Coming!

    Block S25, South Stand, Ashton Gate, BS3
    Whilst it sucks that they had not provided you with your PIN Number in time to withdraw your winnings. InterCasino in no way made you gamble away your winnings. Hence I believe in my opinion the goodwill gesture of 100 to be very fair in light of the poor CS you experienced.

    I would chalk this one down to experience and learn restraint - I might be sounding harsh, but we all need to know when to quit when we are ahead as it were :)

    As for your current predicament still not having your pin, this needs to be resolved and you have come to the right place. Jayne Bentley is a member of this forum and I am sure she will speed things along, once she is made aware of this thread.
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  4. Dec 9, 2005
  5. umberto

    umberto Dormant account

    You must be joking!!!!

    For god's sake, you lost your money and you blame the casino? Do you find this serious? How don't you know that Intercasino in fact sent you the PIN but your post office lost it?

    This is ridiculous to me. You lost your money and they are so nice to offer you 100 Pounds which is more than enough for your case and you are still complaing?

    Thumbs up to Intercasino for me for the stance it kept.
    You have no right.
  6. Dec 9, 2005
  7. thelawnet

    thelawnet Dormant account

    Did you leave them somewhere? Did they vanish?

    No, you gambled them and lost. Game over unfortunately. You would not have been asking for a refund if you had chosen to gamble and you had won more.

    Shit happens. The British postal service sucks. Call them ask them for another one. In the mean time, hold tight. You had won. That money shouldn't be touched.

    Seems pretty generous to me. At these casinos when you first register there is *no way* to withdraw immediately. So you could not request that cashout when you first signed up. Like I said, the money was yours, nobody put a gun to your head and made you lose it.

    Eh what?

    The Gaming Act 1968? Or the Gambling Act 2005? Which section?

    Good luck.
  8. Dec 9, 2005
  9. gmblpdam

    gmblpdam Dormant account

    New York
    I cant believe that you come in here bashing Intercasino when they offered to compensate you 100 pounds that you were in no way entitled too. If that happened to me I would be posting about a great positive experience, not a negative one. If you think Intercasino is bad, then you obviously havent played at many online casino, because they are one of the best.
  10. Dec 9, 2005
  11. Flyer187

    Flyer187 Senior Member PABnoaccred

    England, UK
    Ok guys, thanks for the quick flames......

    Please understand, when I reached the 1452.00 amount I went to the cashier to withdraw my money and was told that I could'nt (believe me I actually found the cashout button).

    Secondly, the Intercasino Terms and Conditions on the website state that they will deliver a PIN number to customers within 3 to 5 working days (if they dont deliver in that time period they are breaking their terms, furthermore if the PIN is so important, why dont they deliver by recorded mail? ...its not my problem if the mechanism they use to deliver these PIN numbers is prone to breaking down).

    I believe this has been used by the casino as a mechanism to keep the gambler playing at the tables/slots - I appreciate that the casino wants to use this a mechanism for safety but put yourself in my shoes....I want my money out of the casino and they wont let me take it
  12. Dec 9, 2005
  13. buck

    buck Experienced Member

    Midwest USA

    Flyer, a little self control would pay huge rewards. Everyone knows about payment methods, (IE pin).

    Get a clue?


  14. Dec 9, 2005
  15. Flyer187

    Flyer187 Senior Member PABnoaccred

    England, UK
    Hi Buck,

    The whole argument of my complaint is that I am sat here now, over 10 working days (over 2 weeks) since my initial deposit, without a PIN withdrawal number.

    To answer some of the previous flamers, I consider a 100 pound goodwill/compensation gesture to be derisory in light of the fact that this represents less than 10% of the amount i actually requested to be withdrawn.

    I could fully understand your flames if I had not actually requested a cashout (which I have), but the situation remains that I would be sat here now still unable to withdraw any money from the casino (which is the case).

    In spite of your flames, I am not a sore loser (as some of you seem to be suggesting), and Intercasino definately have questions to answer.
  16. Dec 9, 2005
  17. Aindreas_Daoc

    Aindreas_Daoc Dormant account

    A GBP 100 goodwill bonus is above and beyond good enough to compensate for PIN being late. As for you gambling away your win due to lack of self control, that's hardly their fault, and there is no way you should get any compensation.

    Imagine the precedent that will set: every Tom, Dick and Harry can set up an account, wait to see if the PIN is late, then if they lose, request their money back.
  18. Dec 9, 2005
  19. Webzcas

    Webzcas Winter is Coming!

    Block S25, South Stand, Ashton Gate, BS3
    I certainly wasn't flaming you. I was just offering some good advice. I live in Gibraltar, the post is held up from the UK for over 2 weeks now. No fault on the people trying to mail me.

    So you gamble away your winnings using your own free will while waiting for the problem to be solved???

    Hence my comment, that you need to be able to show restraint with your gambling and learn to quit while you are ahead.

    I still also believe InterCasino have treated you very well with the generous offer of £100 to compensate for the below standard customer service you have received.
  20. Dec 9, 2005
  21. Flyer187

    Flyer187 Senior Member PABnoaccred

    England, UK
    Hi Aindreas,

    I'm baseing my concerns on the fact that the Terms and Conditions are clearly stated on the website, and they have broken them (particularly with reference to their PIN delivery).

    As I keep referring to, if they break their own Terms and Conditions what do they expect regular casino players like myself to do?

    If they don't explain the outcome of not delivering a PIN number within their Terms and Conditions, how is any casino player to know what will happen?

    Please bear in mind I'm raising a question of the policy of the casino here so others are aware if they ever find themselves in this position.

    I'm hopeful this will be a positive debate with all members, and hopefull the Intercasino representative who has an account here.
  22. Dec 9, 2005
  23. umberto

    umberto Dormant account

    I really can not believe that you keep posting and complaining.... What Intercasino did ( to give you 100 pounds as a gift ) puts them higher in my list. They just proved that they are number one.

    Do you read what the forum members answer to your post? Regarding the PIN, possibly your postal services s**k so the letter was lost. Have you ever thought that the casino may claim that it sent you the PIN but because you lost your mind you say the PIN never reached your physical address?

    I believe you already new about the PIN at Intercasino. So, the next time that you ll register at any cryptologic casinos just open an account and wait for the PIN without depositing money. When you have our PIN ready to use then deposit.

    And nobody said that you re a sore loser. What happened to you, I believe happened to all of us here at least once. These are the negative points of human beings... Some times we just cannot control ourselves.

    I do think that you ll find at least one here to agree with you.

  24. Dec 9, 2005
  25. tencardcharlie

    tencardcharlie Dormant account

    The playboy mansion.
  26. Dec 10, 2005
  27. paul02085

    paul02085 Senior Member

    Fishing :)
    I am sorry you lost your money but no way is it Intercasino's fault. The fact they offered you $100 shows what a class operation they are. It took me close to 2 weeks to get my PIN and guess what, i didnt play anymore and simply cashed out when i got it.
    Its silly to blame the casino for you going back and losing it all.
  28. Dec 10, 2005
  29. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    Like umberto has said, you still haven't explained why the casino should compensate you (even more) for continuing to gamble with your winnings and losing those winnings while waiting for the PIN.

    Yes, there may be steps that can be taken to better ensure that players receive their PIN in a timely manner.

    But those steps have nothing to do with the fact that you made the conscious decision to keep trying to win even more money.

    How are you so positive that the casino itself is to blame for this? Again, as other responders have noted, sometimes the postal service in the UK is subpar. If the casino sent the PIN, but the postal service lost it, are you going to go the local post office and demand your lost winnings from them?

    All you had to do was exert some self-control and not play at Intercasino ... heck, undownload the software if you have to ... and then you could have gone back in whenever you got the PIN. Whether that was 10 days or 10 weeks.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2005
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  30. Dec 10, 2005
  31. Aindreas_Daoc

    Aindreas_Daoc Dormant account

    You got GBP 100 for them "breaking their own Terms and Conditions" for which they are most likely not 100% to blame (probably some postal foul up as well). What else do you want? Who else compensates anyone that much for being late sending a piece of mail? That was the problem. No more no less. Your losing any amount of money due to your own actions is immaterial and irrelevant. If you had won more, would you have refunded Intercasino?

    I understand you're upset that you couldn't control yourself and lost what would've been a big win, but really there is no debate here. Everyone sees that you're being unreasonable. If anything, Intercasino comes up looking very generous and fair by even offering you what they have.
  32. Dec 10, 2005
  33. silcnlayc

    silcnlayc Just one more spin pleez! CAG MM PABnonaccred PABaccred

    IT Director of Operations
    Left Hungary
    Whenever a pin is required to withdraw...it usually takes 10 days to get to me. I know..I have about 4 I had to wait for..and what did I do when I wanted to cash out...I hit "cashout" went to another casino and deposited a few more dollars and continued to play while waiting for my "pin".

    Maybe I shoulda just had a good ole time and hollered when I blew my winnings so I coulda had some more to play with for free monies? Not on your life...I LIKE cashing out...reason I joined other casinos for the "holding" periods of waiting !:lolup: Maybe you should have done something similar?

    Now, what caliber gun was that, that was held to your head, to make you play out your winnings??:what:
  34. Dec 10, 2005
  35. vedat

    vedat Dormant account

    inter casino best

    hello i dont think any one could blame intercasino that you gamble would you post this if you won 10000 gbp if you won while waiting for pin no i guees some times posts can take than required holidays etc inter casino is the best casino in all from casinos over internet (just their jacks or better 4 of kind pays 20 rather than 25) they offer monthly bonus to all players no stupid bullshit like you cant play roulette craps with bonus money and they pay you when you request your cash out in 2 days what do you want more
  36. Dec 10, 2005
  37. Vambo

    Vambo Dormant account

    The pin is sent from ecash not the casino and it always takes ages so dont blame the casino or the postal service

    Why did you continue to play and not wait for the pin

    BTW I dont see the point in this pin no other software needs one
  38. Dec 10, 2005
  39. greedygirl

    greedygirl Purveyor of Onions

    Marketing & Advertising
    Someplace other than where you're at

    You don't like what you interpret to be "flames" when directed at you, however, you have no trouble whatsoever in making assertions towards one of the oldest and most trusted casinos online. No casino could earn the high reputation InterCasino has earned by trying to cheat players out of their winnings, as you so clearly assert.

    The fact that InterCasino was generous enough to make a goodwill gesture speaks volumes--most casinos wouldn't be so generous. Further, how the hell does InterCasino know with any certainty that YOUR story (about not receiving the PIN) is true? I've been around this business for a very long time and I've heard and seen it all. Players who gamble away winnings can come up with some great tales. I'm not saying this is what you've done, so please don't come out swinging at me. What I AM saying is that it's an incredibly impressive response by InterCasino to give you this gesture, merely on YOUR word.

    I really hate to see a great casino get unfairly trashed in the forums and that's exactly what has happened here. This thread has to do with PLAYER responsibility. It is beyond me why you feel it is the casino's responsibility when you and only you are the one who gambled your winnings to extinction. If you were not getting an adequate response to the PIN situation, why didn't you post here at that point? Or contact Casinomeister to help? Nope...instead you continued to gamble. This is on you, Flyer.

    If anything, I feel InterCasino probably deserves a thank you AND an apology for the way YOU'VE handled things.

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