Intercasino - Issue with Tour De France promo?


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I have been playing this OK, but today is a special stage, a time trial (wager $200 in 29.5 Minutes). It is supposed to run first at 12:00 EST, which is now, as UK Summer time is 6 hours ahead of EST. I CAN'T - it won't accept the code "TIMET1", and there has been absolutely NO information in the lobby as to what is happening:mad::confused:

Is this yet another case of a casino pushing a promo beyond the technological limits of their product, and leaving players puzzled at what the heck they are playing at.

There is absolutely NO chance whatsoever of support solving this in the remaining 20 minutes, let alone me completing the task.

Before anyone asks, I DID check for a misprint "EDT" instead of "EST", by logging on an hour ago, but still nothing:confused:

I will try again in the next hour, but this would be neither EST or EDT. Perhaps they meant 12:00 Magic Fairyland Time:mad::mad:
EDT and EST are the same thing, aren't they?

Technically no. EST is Eastern Standard Time, and EDT is Eastern Daylight Time. It would be like claiming our BST is the same as GMT, it is not.

In the end, I got it to work, and it turned out to be EDT, and not only had the misprinted it, the lobby failed the first time, and didn't display the logo indicating the event was running, even though it was!!!
I logged on an hour later, at the advertised time of 12:00 EST, and STILL found no indicator on the lobby. I had already figured out it had to be either EST or EDT, so tried both, but when neither appeared to work, I was puzzled.

I logged on each hour after that hoping to catch the one advertised for 16:00 EST, and found it, at 16:00 EDT, which is one hour AHEAD of 16:00 EST, but this time, the logo for the event showed up in the lobby, so it was clear that it was running, and I was able to enter.

The problem seems to be that Intercasino get their time standards mixed up, I have seen this before, where the UK site advertises something in GMT, but actually uses BST, which is an hour ahead. The error is important, since there is no indicator of actual "casino time" available for players to look at to see what time the casino thinks it is. Even the tournament section does not help, there are start and end times, playing time and minutes remaining, but no indication of CURRENT time.

I did also check Intercasino UK, but only had 28p in these, and found that the promo was indeed running to BST and not GMT, but the terms did not specify, and in this case it would be reasonable to assume local time, which is currently BST.

It is no good learning from this though, because this is not a consistent error, sometimes they get it right, most likely because Europe and the USA do not switch between their daylight saving and standard times on the same dates.

It would help if all times were additionally stated with reference to an immovable standard, such as GMT, so UK Local time in the summer would be GMT+1, and EST would be GMT-5 (which it always is), and EDT would be EST+1, or GMT-4. An even better solution would be to display CASINO time in part of the lobby, so that players had a point of reference for time specific promotional events.

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