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Mar 9, 2006
I was just wanting to know some info about this casino. First of all I am usually just used to playing MG and once in awhile RTG. I wanted to try the crypto software and I have read some good things about intercasino. Would you recommend this casino? And have any of you ever deposited or made a withdrawl through the electonic check option? I really would like to use that option if I can I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it. Also is it easy to cash out of this casino..any problems etc? If you have any input on this I would appreciate it. Thanks! :)
I'm dead impressed with the Crypto payment thing... You cash out (no reverse withdrawal :)) - straight in your bank within three days! Neteller's a lot quicker I believe but never tried it. Solid reliable setup, and I'm increasingly fond of the Crypto games too!

If it's a change from MG you're after - you'll not go far wrong with Intercasino!
Neteller cashouts are back in my Neteller account within 12 hours....:thumbsup:

You can also try VIP Casino, its Intercasinos sister casino and the same Great Service !
Intercasino and Cryptologic

I have never played there buddy, however, from a person who spends almost 10 hours a day reading and researching about online gambling, that Intercasino might be the most respected casino out there. Very hard to find severe complains about them and Cryptologic has become quite a software company in the last years.

Check it out, and come back and tell me about the Marvel Slots as well as your opinion about the place. I am sure you won't have problems with them...

Play some Millionaires Club, you might come back telling us about a $3 million prize

If I were to recommend only one casino, it'd be Intercasino. The graphics suck - in my-never-to-be-humble opinion - but they offer a $100 bonus, every month, month after month, and they have the best game ever invented - Pontoon. Plus, their bonus system is the easiest in existence. And, like Watchdog said, complaints are few and far between.
I got sick of always losing at MG sites and wanted a change. I tried Intercasino this week for the first time. Deposited $75 got the 100% bonus, played for a long time (and actually had FUN!) Easily met the wr and cashed out $350. I use Neteller and it took about 1 1/2 days. I had a blast and plan on going back this weekend. Oh and I love the Marval slots and even got a rapid jackpot. And one more thing...when you get a bonus you can go into the cashier and click on my promotions and actually see how close you are to meeting the wr. That was very cool! Good luck.
good exp w/ intercasino

i'm relatively new to online casinos (have been playing online poker for several years though) and i recently signed up with intercasino. i think i've made 2 deposits and one cashout. no problems with the cashout, it was back in my firepay account pretty quickly.
Intercasino is the best online casino in my opinion because they are very generous with the 100% monthly match and fair wager requirements. For players who are not rich, they are for sure #1. (Now if they would only change the Double Bonus paytable back to what it used to be!). :)
Well, I have tried the rest and for me Intercasino is the best. I like the games the best and have a certain comfort level with them. I like their promotions and the comp points conversion. That being said, I have been dissappointed that I haven't hit anything big in the last two months. It wasn't unusual to get $300 up to a couple of thousand fairly quickly but it is SO difficult now to even get a lot of playing time for the money. Guess my luck has changed, or it is because I don't deposit like I used to. I am down to about $100 at a time. However, I haven't done any better elsewhere, so if I only play at one it will be Intercasino. :)
with all these great reviews, I am going to make a deposit, but what games do you guys seem to have the most success in?
Intercasino - my favorite games

First of all, make a $100 deposit, so you get the maximum bonus. My favorite games are Fat Cat (try it at the top of each hour) Rapid Fire slots when not too many others are playing (look on the "whose playing" link to see when) and the new favorite, Millionaire's Club. Of course that one isn't meant to pay off a lot unless you hit the big one, but if you don't play you don't have a chance to win. And I also like their deuces wild video poker. Got a royal once, but have gotten the royal with deuces many times, so I know it is a fair game. But I like the slots better. Probably more of the folks here play blackjack because the odds are better, but that's just not my game. Have played various other games there but the above are my favorites.
Intercasino is recently one of my more favorite casinos. Cash outs are relatively quick, games are fun, and (IMO) the newer games have awesome graphics with the cartoonish style bonus games.

Try out: Hot Summer Nights (ok, this one is for guys), Monkey Mania, or Diamond Cave. They are fun and the bonuses are interesting. All the Marvel slots are fun also (like The Hulk, which is my personal favorite).

Now that I am talking about it.... I think I'll go play again. Darn it! I just cashed out too. hrmph!
khanhdom said:
with all these great reviews, I am going to make a deposit, but what games do you guys seem to have the most success in?


You will not go wrong at Inter. It is the best Casino out there considering everything together, safety, bonuses, WR, CS, software, variety of games etc.

If you are looking to make a profit overall by using the bonuses then the best game to play is the Single deck BJ. This has a house edge of just 0.07 and after comp points means your expected value is only -$2 for every $10,000 bet. Means your overall average profit from the $100 bonus is over $99 every month.

The only drawback is the high minimum wager which means your variance is higher, that cuts both ways though.

If your looking for the best 'entertainment' for your dollar and don't mind paying for it you will have to ask other members. (KK has a very eclectic gambling style and still makes money nearly every month. Visit his web site for details.)

Best games at Intercasino are Super Fun 21, and my favorite slots are Rags to Riches. I play this one as a oppose to the Millionaires Club cause seems like I have more of a shot to win, and its still a nice jackpot.

Super Fun 21 is my favorite blackjack game because:
1. Its single deck

2. You can surrender at any time, even after taking hits.

3. You can double down anytime, even after taking hits.

Many do not play this game simply because they do not know the rules, but trust me I think it is the best BJ game, even if BJ only pays even money. I have tried the single deck blackjack, however I believe the minimum bet is $25and this is rather high for me. Also you cannot surrender on the single deck game.
Which Intercasino prefer you? German or Uk?
The games by uk are the same?
Momently i fight though the bonus by Intercasino Germany with Blackjack Multiplayer. Is super 21 better to play for the bonus?
Single BJ is with 25 eur to high.

Which Games are good for the monthly Bonus with good chance to win?

1 American Roulette
2 Single Player Blackjack
3 Slots
4 Casino Stud / Spice Island Poker/ Caribbean Stud Poker
5 Video Poker
9 US Bingo (75 ball)
10 Keno
12 Pai Gow Poker
14 Red Dog
15 Let it Ride Poker
18 Multi-Player Roulette
19 Multi-Player Blackjack
21 EuroRoulette
24 Break the Bank
25 Video Slots
26 Multi-Player Let-It-Ride
31 Multi-Player Caribbean Stud Poker
32 Multi-Player EuroRoulette
33 Rags To Riches Slot
34 Progressive Keno
36 Multi-hand VideoPoker
52 9-Line Slots
53 Three Card Poker
54 Multi-Player Three Card Poker
55 Enhanced European Roulette
56 Multi-Player Enhanced European Roulette
57 Punto Banco
58 Multi-Player Punto Banco
59 Multi-Hand Blackjack
60 Millionaires Club
61 VIP European Roulette
62 Multi-Split Blackjack
63 Single Deck Blackjack
64 Top Hat Magic Slot
65 Star Catcher Slot
66 Single Player Progressive Blackjack
67 Multi-Player Progressive Blackjack
68 Multi-Hand Progressive Blackjack
69 Cash Caper
70 Pontoon
71 Casino Solitaire
72 Casino War
73 SuperFun 21
74 Fruit Machines
75 Multi-Line Slots 3
76 Bonus Video Poker Games
77 Rapid Fire Jackpot Slots
78 Multi-Player Pontoon
79 Multi-Player Casino War
80 Multi-Player SuperFun 21

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PeggyTez said:
Just curious, I love Intercasino too, but are there any other casino's with the same games?

I think other wagerlogic casinos have the same games. This includes Peach Casino, VIP Casino, Omni Casino (one of my favs), and Sands of the Carribean Casino.

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