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Well I went for Intercasino's monthly bonus dep $50, right as I was making the dep I got some "network blah blah error" kicked me off went back and my $50 Dep was there just no bonus?!? I called them and was told that they would need to do a manual one which will take 24hrs!? Had another friend that had the same problem!?
I asked the lady if my playing should count to total money wagered and was told it would be.

Well today they credited my account with the $50 manual bonus, but now they are not letting me withdraw the bonus even though I did wager my original $50 over $1400 last night.

Today I was told that any wager's last night would NOT count... this is so sad for a place I always enjoyed playing. The $50 is not a big deal just their way of trying to hold out the money.
I play here all the time and take part in the monthly bonuses, some go good and some don't.
A casino which holds its head high such as intercasino should look at a situation like this and understand sometimes being "FAIR" to your users helps allot.

What do you guys think of this, do i have a the right to be upset or am i wrong.. I would respect your opinion on this
Man ohh man did I just receive great treatment or what. Notttt :)

Here is my story.

After calling several times I was told that the only person that could help me out was a gentlemen named Sean, so I wait and call during his hours at work but each time I call Im told that he is on another call and to call back. After trying couple of times, the story begins.

I call the support line and a gentleman picks up the phone.
I ask for Sean by explaining that I had an issue at hand that I was told to speak to Sean.
The gentlemen ask for my user account and name etc.. I give him the info
He asks what the problem is I say well I would just like to speak to Sean since I have had to explain the story several times to other support agents. The gentlemen asks me well What is it about, I say its about a bonus, he tell me you got the bonus I repeat again can I please just speak to Seanthen I get


DID I just miss something here, or do people usually let you if you are talking to the person you are seeking in the beginning not after questioning you as if you were a killer on the lose. Anyways it gets worse.

I explain my problem which you can read above. He then tells me that yes, no wagering before the bonus will count, and nothing is going to be done about it. So I in the nicest way possible explain to him that I was told it would and that I would appreciate if he
Would try to understand that there was an error on the casinos part that has complicated matters then im threatened with a forceful tune

You dont even have the right to get the bonus if we fell like it, read the disclaimer

Ok so jeez that was a shocker, now Im stunned in how im being treated.
So again I try to explain that as a regular member of the casino it is disappointing to see this kind of problem and even though the fair thing would be to allow me to withdraw the money Im being punished because of the casino software error and also the fact that the CSR told me wagering does count towards bonus.
So here comes treat number two,
Now Im told that my story about the csr is not true and that he will ask all CSRs later, as he claims that one from the night before told him that she told a customer that
she was not sure..

So I move on and state well I have also brought up the issue on the OPA message board as Im sure many others are having the same problem and hopefully a representative on behalf of intercasino will help me out, so here comes treat number #3

As Sean tells me that he will make sure that he puts a note on the account that we had this conversation and I will not be allowed to withdraw the money.

I end up with letting Sean know that Im disappointed but still I respect the casino too much to have a vendeda against them and thank him for trying to help.

Anyways after hanging up Im still shocked with the way I was treated it was one of those discussion on the phone that makes you feel like you have done the world wrong and someone is out to get you.

Maybe the casino has had a bad day or something I just hope the future holds better for me and my discussion with the support staff.

PS. Im so glad I didnt have my girlfriend calling them to discuss the issue as I had planned before, knowing how sensitive she is most people would have dropped the phone and shed tears by the way I was spoken to.
I d like to add, I spoke to Sean before and he called me a bonus abuser. I asked him why that was. He pointed out that I played only the minimum wagering requirements and it made the casinos lose money.(eh???)
His tone was harsh and in my case I had a CRS told me the wrong story as well.
Beware: if you had not finished wagering the requirements from last month, you must finish it and then log out and then log in again.
The system was a bit stupid and the reps are worse.
Beware of the wagering requirements this month, it s a lot and you may end up losing lots of money like me.
Be sure to call and check first.
PS I waited for the checks last month for 3 weeks and only to discover that my checks are all returned and have been charged heavy fines by the bank!!!
Anyway there are some good casino using Cryptologic ,the rest are all ripoffs.
some of them you have to wager 3000 dollars to cash out.
Bash,, the arrogant attitude of the support here is the same I experienced last month when I had the same problem with Kiwi. I got so sick of the arrogance of one of the support people I was talking to I told her she sounded like an ass hole and she told me I was an ass hole and hung up on me. This cryptologic bonus wagering rule is unfair and one of the biggest scams I have seen in this business. After I complained after playing at Kiwi last month they at least posted the rule on their website, but Kiwi still needs to change it. I bet the others don't even have it listed on the websites, they just spring it on you after you think you've won.

Ryan H at Intercasino was the only one who responded positively to all of this from Cryptologic or the casinos by posting he was going to change the ruleb ack at Intercasino to what it use to be and not have retroactive wagering requirements. He may have done this but support may not be informed as they are clueless at Cryptologic support.

Also, several e-mails to Cryptologic themsleves have gone unanswered. Shows that Cryptologic as a software supplier doesn't give a damn about the players.

Inter casino is the ONLY Cryptologic site worth playing at until this rule is changed.
Hi All,

I moved the Illustrated Casino discussion to "Online Casinos/Illustrated Comes Through" in case you are lost.

Hello. On Thursday evening (8/23/01) I was playing slots on and won a jackpot. When I went to my account at Intercasino the next day, it was locked. I called customer service, and they told me that there was some sort of equipment malfunction on the evening of 8/23 that would be investigated until Thursday, 8/30.

My guess is that they are going to tell me my jackpot was invalid. Has anyone had this sort of thing happen to them before? If you have any information as to what I can expect and what my rights are, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you.
Phew! After finally being able to install Intercasino as now using Windows 98, I was going to deposit here! Thanks for putting me right off as they can't be trusted.

Kiwi is pathetic too...I'm a kiwi and they didn't even answer my queries or tell me I couldn't play there when I was one of the first to sign up. I've gambled at their parent outfit, Christchurch Casino, but won't anymore.

Don't know what Casinoebet (Crypto) is like, but they gave terrific support for the short time I could play there before installation had problems.
Hi Vickinz!

Why weren't you allowed to play at Kiwi??

Intercasino can't be trusted? What do you mean??


I just wanted to reply to this message to assure you that you will get your winnings. Although there was a small interruption to the service, it has now been remedied and we have taken steps to ensure it will not occur again, however, in order to get the full picture we decided to freeze certain accounts while we investigated the interruption.

Nevertheless we have decided to honor all winnings made during this short interruption to our usual high standards of service.

If you would like to email me to discuss this further please do so on


Ryan Hartley
Casino Manager - InterCasino

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