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Apr 1, 2002
In the past 6 months I've played exclusively at internet casinos using Microgaming software like In the last few weeks I've discovered They have a new multi-player blackjack which is tons of fun. They show the amount of chips and bets of each player. Real players have the option of watching and chatting. Very cool. I bought in for $300 and gradually worked my way over $2000. Put a bunch back and cashed out 2 days ago with a small win. I will report back on the timeliness of their paying me. Luckynugget was always good about paying me and are planning multi-player in the future. Now that I've tried multi-player I feel cheated playing alone against computer. At intercasino you can see players at all the tables, so you could have a friend play at your table, just like real. I like the idea of this forum. Please comment here if you try this or other casinos.
Professional looking typed check delivered from Multi-player BJ can be observed without giving credit card information, fun to just watch like in real casino. Register as real player then click on right hand menu to multi-player BJ, then right click on BJ table to watch the action! I'm still checking on why I'm being charged for cash advance at
re: Intercasino multi-player BJ
Be prepared to get "flamed" if the other players don't like your style of play. This site does'nt always play like Atlantic City, and you must adjust your play accordingly.
Took care of problem at They do not charge anything to buy or sell casino credits with a credit card. Took a while to solve problem but everything was nicely resolved.

So my favorite internet casinos which do pay and seem very fair (I have been ahead thousands several times at each and have received timely checks in the mail from both) are and They have totally different software but are both lots of fun, which is what gambling is all about.
Cashed in for nice win at, received check in less than 10 days from cryptologic. This weeks Barrons has nice article on public internet gaming companies including cryptologic.
Is New York Casino and USA Casino still operating, because then I try to connect I can not.
It says that server is down and this as gone on for more than 10 days .

I would like to know if they are still running.
Actually, if you visit
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,they mention that the meat "contains pork shoulders and beef mostly," and secret spices. Let your imagination wander over the "mostly" and whatever secret they have in their spices.

They don't really explain the name.

Ha ha I mean the junk emails and postings. How did they come up with spam?

And on the other issue of spam. Secret stuff?
There is nothing secret about pig ears and well you can guess what else they put in it.
I believe it's from the Monty Python skit where a couple enters a restaurant and there isn't a thing on the menu that doesn't contain Spam.

It's quite funny.


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