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Dormant account
Jan 24, 2002
After all the research I just deposited $200 in
my InterCasino account on 1/23 after waiting since
1/19 to validate my PayPal checking account.

I didn't know that I was unable to use a Visa or
MasterCard on 1/19 after I downloaded the software
and registered and tried to begin to play. I don't
recall seeing anywhere that it would be necessary
to open ECash and PayPal direct checking accounts
in order to do this.

Nevertheless, on 1/23 I was finally able to deposit
$200. When I logged on there was $5 in my account
already. I don't know where that came from. After
the $200 deposit there was $255 in my account.
I entered the craps game and after several rolls
I was up $70. I exited the game and logged off
with a $325 balance.

This morning, 1/24, I logged back in and my balance
is now $245. I immediately called InterCasino and
after talking to whoever answered the phone I was
informed that ECash was in charge of that part of
the software and the call was transferred to ECash.

A very nice man named Tom took my call and informed
me that it was up to InterCasino to review the
game logs to determine what was the cause of the
discrepancy. He created a Care Ticket and transferred
me back to InterCasino.

Back at InterCasino I finally got to talk to Gary.
He claimed he was unable to view the Care Ticket
but he took my account information and looked up
the game log. Needless to say, he claimed there
was a $10 loss instead of a $70 gain.

He instructed me how to view the game log from
my computer and sure enough, it showed the $70
gain and a $325 balance. He instructed me to
copy that and email it to him along with my phone
number and he would call me right back.

This is several hours later and of course I
haven't heard back from him. Regardless of what
happens I'm going to close the account and I think
that does it for me with the online gambling. I
don't think that any of them can be trusted. Seems
like I'm seeing a lot of problems every where I
look anyway. I'm very disappointed. At least I
didn't lose any money.

Now it remains to be seen if I can withdraw the
$245. I'll let you know what happens... TM
I'm not so sure that its a mass rip-off. I once read one of Ryan Hartley's comments regarding account balance descrepencies. He said that this happens if thier main server crashes. Apparently the back-up server remains ONLINE, and shows the old account balance prior to the crash.

I sure hope thier security wasn't breached again.
I doubt the insurance company will continue to pay if incidents like this happen every quarter.
The problem has been resolved. It took several days but it came down to the fact that my bet was still lying on the table even after I had removed it. I went back into craps and removed it again and this time rolled the dice. This time the bet stayed off the table and my balance is correct.

Perhaps they will submit a bug report on the craps game. Nevertheless, all my money is there and I'm sorry I got so upset. It's frustrating having to wait several days and having to keep calling back to get an answer from someone... TM
Learned the hard way about inter casino. Black listed at Casino Magazine. Never read this until to late. Also interesting reading at Check this out.
Dear Cap,

What you are referring to is a "Claude Levy" site. Claude Levy owns a multitude of online casinos and has had a run-in with nearly every provider (Starnet, Boss Media, Crypto Logic, etc.). His site "Gamblers Magazine"
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is a propaganda tool that pushes his own agenda.

I haven't heard about or from this individual for some time. But a couple of years ago, he was one of the most arrogant rude persons I've dealt with. You can read about an email exchange I had with him a few years ago here

The man is a twit that no one takes serious. Intercasino is one of the best casinos on line. I've personally met several of the manager/operators and can attest to their sincerity and dedication to the industry.


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"The man is a twit that no one takes serious."

True, but an "interesting" twit.
His "magazine", on occasion, provides
some informative and interesting reading.

He's been pretty accurate with "some" of
his rantings.

Just my 2 cents worth....
Yes, he definitely falls into the "smoke and fire" school of reporting. Which is to say, a lot of smoke, but sometimes there is some fire. One of the few sites that has no hesitation whatsoever in calling anyone a crook!
intercasino. Just let me say they are cheating me. I had a 14 the dealer had a bj. Ok nothing wrong there. I hit and got 21 and the dealer wins with a bj. Now hot is that possible? admin please contact this casino this is the third time this has happned to me. I have sent them a bug report. Sharky1 Also I had Sharky and had to change the name I had since like 2000. Now I see annother player there with Sharky.That is a load of bull.
I lost $47 at Inter casino awhile back. I logged
out and it was in my account. I locked back in ang it was gone. I REPORTED IT. THEY WANTED DETAILED LOG OF MY PLAY TO CHECK IT OUT. IT WAS TO MUCH TROUBLE, SO i JUST WROTE IT OFF.
I happen to like intercasino, but I cannot win one dime there. I am an extremely good BJ player, but their dealers play

I stopped playing at intercasino a while back. But I still must say I loved their games.
fester that is a piece of cake they told me how to do it. Just copy to clipboard then hit control v in the email address and will record and send it.

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