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Oct 26, 2001
this casino really bites for fairness. The win to loss ratio is ridiculous here. William hill too. I believe they just allow u to win to decieve u on fairness then blam take u down hard.Not only that 4 times I was able to hit against the dealers bj. That is not possible. Oh and don't bother with emailing support cause they don't answer u.
I don't care too much for their blackjack, but I've won plenty from intercasino on other games, specifically let it ride. I've had 4 of a kind on that one at both intercasino and william hill. Also done well at 3 card poker. I have friends who win there too at their videopoker games. And none of us ever had any trouble getting paid by them.

I've seen this kind of 'luck' there too when I've played bj there, so I don't play that game anymore except in tournament mode. In that I've done real well and real poorly. I don't think I'd say they are cheating though. (And no, I'm not a high roller or a shill for them)
I think intercasino is one of the best online casinos, and I play there quite often. Yep your right, sometimes you shake your head and scream "rigged". I used to do this too. Thats is until a trip to Las Vegas reminded me that it happens with real cards as well. While not enjoying it, I remember smiling to my self as the dealer kept pulling into 20 and 21's on bust type hands. A drunk guy next to me kept screaming obsenities, like they often do.

Furthermore, I think Inter's let it ride plays better tha real life. I can never win at that game with real cards, but enjoy winning often online.

I don't know if you live where you can visit a land casino, but trust me, sometimes you'll swear there cheating there too.

Its just Human nature to think the computer is ripping you off, when the dealer goes on those amazing streaks.

If your unhappy at Inter, I really don't know if you'll be happy anywhere online. JMHO

Either way I wish you good luck!
my results at a land based one were much better.The dealer never pulled that 21 when u get 20 crap. If it happened was very rarely.
really? I live in Phoenix and go to Vegas or Laughlin 4 or 5 times a year.

Everytime I go I'm reminded that the dealer goes on those types of runs all the time!

Sounds like you must have had good trip, which ofcourse can happen too.

But having as much real casinos action as I do to compare with online, I think for the most part onlines are fair.

I win and get paid at inter all the time.

I'm curious, do you play at other online casinos? Do you find them to play better?

I'd be interested in knowing where, so I can give them I try.

I've played at hundreds of online casinos over the last 3 years and have now limited all my play to cryptologic casinos and Intercasino the most of all.

I wish you good luck where ever you play!
Hey jpm,

Yeh I play let it ride alot too! If it goes on a bad streak I will hit the BJ tables for awhile.

But LIR is the game I play the most there
I'll do the same thing sometimes myself goldpicks, but since they added three card poker, I'll hit that instead. That one can be either a fountain or vacuum of money though depending on its mood!
depoist 300 dollars last tuesday

up over 5000 last night , cash out 2050 bucks, won another 430 bucks this moring.
i won a few 100 bets one 500 bet and a 1000 bet.

to me intercasino is the fairest.

i seen how some of u play, going into a 10 min table with 47 and 80 bucks, come on now, play at the 2 dollars tables and work your way out.

intercasino is way from rigged, also i have to say gaming club is way from rigged, unless they rigged to give u winnint hands.

some of u guys dont know have to play black jack.

if u dont believe me go watch , the 10 to 2000 table and see if u dont see a fool , betting 20 dollars with a 80 bank roll, sure u will come up once and a while. hey like i said on another forum keep playing that way , so i can get paid

thank u
damian, the man from the hood
I know how to play blackjack, the problem is online is not the same as the land ones. I know all about card counting , basic strategy, and managing your bankroll. Yes I have seen alot of fools there doing just what you said. I play alone mostly since I hate waiting for other people to bet. some of them take forever. I don't know if playing alone the cards are dealt different or not.I plan on playing 3 card poker when I get my comp. money. I tried that in practice mode and did not do so great but that was practice mode. William hill I won almost every hand at that game. lol.
let it ride is a suckers game. I could not for the life of me win a hand at inter. It's not recommended at all by websites.
Well they're wrong. Having played it at almost all the cryptologic casinos for many years now, and won well into 4 figures doing so, I can say that its not a suckers game (though I think the bonus game is, unless its the version that starts paying with 2p like at playtech).
sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. I was pissed as hell last time I played at a cryptologic casino, they beat me 17 hands in a row!! The game seemed very fair and reasonably like a real BJ game up until they must have decided that I was winning too much and the casino went into take down mode. Personally I think that online BJ is for the birds, I only play at land based casinos these days
I fully agree toofast. I don't really trust any online bj game. Its just too easy to fix it. Roulette, Keno, & Craps as well.
At the end of the day, unless the game server is monitored my a third party 24/7 anything is possible.
I ahd to change my name too and another player took the name i had!! The casino may have compromised my personal info.
Hi Rainman,

I'll see if the management can answer some of your concerns here.

I'm just beginning to catch up after my absence.
Why thank you bryan. I may have gotten a little heated but I can't help it. I did get a full refund from usa casino dealing with proccyber. Thanks if you had anything to do with it.

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