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Mar 26, 2006
after playing intercasino for several years and now being forced to play mg casinos, i find playing the mg casinos pretty boring. while i lost plenty at times at intercasino i also had some very good wins and the instant jackpots always kept my attention. the mg casino i am playing now seems to go nowhere. up a couple of hundred and then down a couple of hundred. also it seems that nobody else is winning very much. the usual "big payout" for the day is usually around five grand while at intercasino there were some really big payouts on a daily basis. am i at the wrong casino now or are all of the casinos that except US players just tightening up the screws? Are there any choices other than mg casinos now?

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Welcome to the forum! ;)

Being a big Crypto fan, I know where you're coming from!

The MG slots don't have the instant jackpots like the Rapid Fire & Marvel slots, and so can seem boring if it's these that turn you on. Some of the bonus features can pay pretty big though! Chances of hitting a feature round are roughly the same on both softwares.
MG's are definitely the nicest looking & easiest to play though.

As to other choices;
Playtech are completely out of the USA (I think (?)).
Most RTG's are still there - but their slots resemble a ducks rear end :mad:
Player Preferred are OK for USA. Their slots are 'different' and a bit limited. Bonus rounds can pay huge, but hitting one seems very rare (for me anyway! :( )
I don't know about other softwares - check the Meister's Accredited list...

Good luck! :thumbsup:
I think a lot depends on finding the right games, and with so many to choose from at MG finding the "right" ones may take some time. I enjoy Crypto, but I prefer MG from a slots POV. I prefer Crypto's VP, though the paytables at MG are better on the whole.

There are no instant jackpots so to speak (the new "Mega Moolah" slot in 2 weeks time may change that - can't remember if they are random though) but some of the "Free Spins" slots are awesome.

Incidentally KK, I see Crypto finally introduced a 50c denomination in one or two of their new games which means you can stop off at $4.50 between $2.25 and $9 on a 9-line slot :thumbsup:
I totally miss intercasino even tho before the us ban I had a very bad losing streak at intercasino but I miss playing the marvel and I miss winning the superhero and hero jackpots.. mg games are boring and the bonus games rarely come up no matter what size the bet I was betting, I change it up constantly with the same results every time.. the only games on mg that have caught my attention because of the payout from a small bet are the katmandu and avalon games.. and those stop paying out too.. but then thats the casino gods way of telling me to back off and let my luck build up again..:)
i had some very long dry spells with intercasino also. but my biggest hit was on marvel slots(8k). i remember when i hit my first rapid fire jackpot a couple of years back when i had just started playing online. it actually scared me when it poped up on the screen. i didnt know what it was at first. needless to say i was hooked. really miss intercasino.

for the last four weeks i have been playing the same mg casino and i can honestly say that i am ready to quit. it seems impossible to win. been recycling the same 500 dollars for 4 days. i can be down 400 then win 350 or be down 500 and win 475 but i cant seem to ever get in the black. seems awful strange. i think we u.s. players are at a big disadvantage now.

my only other choice is driving 3 hours to tunica. last time i was there i saw no one win period. the odds suck. did hear one girl start hollering at the horseshoe. thought she won big. turned out to be a drunk chick that they were throwing out of the casino.

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