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Nov 22, 2006
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Hey Guys,

Anyone heard of or know about: InterActiveGaming Software

Any info on any casino's running it, as well as if its any good would be most highly appreciated.

PM if you want or post here, as I will check continually.


Dominique, many thanks for the site. Question is, how do you rate these guys??

Wanna make sure they reputable and run their casino's licensee's in the right manner.

Gabriel ???

Hey Guys,

Was actually trying to ask about these guys: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Anyone know them, or casino's hosted/licensed by them??

A person I met a few weeks back mentioned them, but wish to make sure I get some sort of approval from the forum before stacking in there.


Good advice - these guys are bad news and appear to have no control over their licensees, several of whom are under-funded and prone to very questionable casino behaviour.

Why risk it? Read the archives here about some of the frustrating player experiences with these guys.

Dominique why do make a relation between InterActiveGaming Software and CyberArts ?
As far as Iknow, thay have nothing in commun.
IAG has the same games that FutureBet.
It seems that the dev team splitted years ago and both took the games.
IAG revamped some games such as Drive In and Haunted House and developped new ones.
FutureBet didn't touch the original games but they also developped new ones.
The only casino I know powered by IAG was CasinoUniverse but if you try to download the software it won't work (this happened about 1 year ago, before that it was OK).
I think that IAG is a dead company (the last news on their website is from march 2005) and there is no casino using their software anymore.
It's a pity for IAG because their games were really nice even if there was serious doubts on their honesty.
FutureBet is still in the business but we all know that they aren't very serious.

Interactive Gaming Systems (IGS) are still opereating - out of Argentina I believe - there were player complaints not long ago if you check the archives here and/or at the other site.

They have a lot more than one licensee.

Futurebet's former owners sold copyright on the source code to them some time back and you are correct that they did some development of their own.

These are the folks who licensed a 19 year old college student to run a casino btw - she lasted only a few months, leaving players unpaid and with a major headache.... and a provider that at least initially appeared disinterested in their plight to say the least.

Like Bryan said - run, don't walk, away!
I disagree in conjunction with GameCities has been running this casino software since last year with no complaints. I can't comment on past issues but as far as I'm concerned, along with our players we've been pleased with the outcome. As with most software providers they're only as good as the licence holder, GameCities appears to be a clean operation so far. BTW- I do not work for GameCities so this post isn't self serving, just past experience with this company and our casino.

The biggest downfall I have is that payouts are made every Friday only but they pay and thats more than I can say for a lot of the casinos out there! It works out great if you win on a Thursday... :)

I'm a regular reader of although I don't post a lot, a regular listener of his online shows. Too Funny!! If ever a problem with RULucky and this software please let me know.


You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it! :)
You have the right to disagree, but the facts speak for themselves. Anyone who has been involved in trying to mediate with these folks on behalf of screwed players will confirm that they present serious problems to unpaid players.

This bunch are not in the bad section here for no reason.
I agree somewhat....

I agree with Brian on a few points addressed.

1. Giving a licence to an underage person is wrong.
Strike 1 - insufficient probity and suitability due diligence
(This was the software provider, not the casino owners. Lets face it this was one time that I know of, everyone makes a mistake!!!)

2. I'm not sure the detals of this reason but maybe Brian will help me out.
Strike 2 - false promises and delaying tactics, and ignored emails.
(Was this a casino or the software provider in question? The casino owner makes the payouts, is this the case here?)

3. RULucky pays the full amount so I'm not sure about this either?
Strike 3 - not paying the full amount.
(Payouts are Ok'ed by the licence holder and not the software provider so I'm not sure who this was either. The software provider doesn't approve the payouts its done by the licence holder. I can assure you RULucky pays the full amount.)

I respect this website, Brian and if I didn't I wouldn't visit the site. The fact is that although there my be software providers that sells cheaper than others doesn't mean that all casinos using the ware is bad. I also think that most of the casinos listed under this provider are Futurebet casinos which is different. I'm not sure why Brain has them listed as Interactive Gaming Systems instead of Furturebet? I believe it was quoted above that there is a difference between the two software providers.

If your going to compalin about a software provider why doesn't eveyone complain about RTG? The reason is the same, you have good casino's and bad ones running the software and its not the software supplier, it's the casino owners! The same applies to this thread...

RULucky is considered a White Label casino within the industry, I understand. it's about time a good White label casino came along! But - it's only fair for you, the industry to give us a chance just as many players have done this past year. I can assure you we...

1. Pay our winners the total amount.
2. Answer all e-mails (
3. No underage people are operating the site! :)


It should not be up to the player to *take a chance* on finding out whether a casino is going to honour its obligations - that is something for the casino to prove by its ongoing professional conduct.

That is why sites like this that are fair and objective serve such a critical player need in recommending casinos that are genuinely fair and professional, and turning away or exposing those that do not maintain those standards, are underfunded or are dishonestly owned and managed. Sites like this also give players a platform on which experiences and views can be exchanged, adding another layer of protection.

In an industry that is largely unregulated that is an important safeguard for those players that learn the value of the fora.

It is just too late when the casino fails leaving players unpaid, or screws the player and when he or she approaches the software provider for help....discovers belatedly that the software provider prevaricates, delays and will do everything in its power to avoid doing the right thing by the player.

Your "everyone makes mistakes" excuse for IGS and the 19 years old operator is not valid - that mistake went on and on and on over a period of time as IGS twisted and turned, ducked and dived trying everything to avoid involvement in a problem that it had itself created. That showed what IGS really was and served as a warning to those online at the time.

In doing so it made yet another contribution to a bad rep - the exact opposite of what it should have been doing.

Bringing RTG into this smacks of trying to draw red herrings across the trail. It has no relevance here because that company pays its own price for the conduct of its operators and (if you care to do some research) is regularly roasted for not reaching the standards of the top providers in the business.

Your post has several valid points in which I don't disagree, never did. I don't know the full story behind the 19 year old girl incident but I did do a search on Google and found no court documents supporting these allegations. Maybe you can provide me with a link other than a message board link with the facts of this case? I would love to review the case and make my own decision. Was there a court case or was the trail online in the message boards?

Also, I was only using RTG as an example. My point being is they have several bad operators and several good ones too but all of their casinos arn't rouge casinos. My point also being and has been through this entire thread is that not all casinos using IGS software are bad casinos and it bothers me when I read posts that say run and hide and don't play there. RULucky will continue doing as you suggested Jetset, which we have always done, show professional conduct by taking care of our players. :)


There was no court case in the issue of the bankrupt 19 year old casino operator, although it took some time for guys like Bryan to get this crowd at IGS to meet their obligations to the players. Another illustration among thousands of the value of the real portals imo. You have only to search the archives here to find plenty of reading on the issue, and there have been others.

I applaud your commitment to fair gaming and respect for the players, commodities often in short supply at casinos using cheapie software.

Unfortunately past experience as casinos come and go and players are too frequently left badly treated or unpaid in their wake tends to make one cynical, so the phrase "time will tell" comes to mind.

BTW off at something of a tangent have you considered the potentially adverse impact of using RU as part of your branding?

:) - There has been no adverse impact with RU in our domain name, its simply a question. Our logo includes a ? mark. If your lucky we want you as a player and if not go loose elsewhere. As you know skill is a small part of online gambling but LUCK is huge, timing is everything...


1 : having good luck
2 : happening by chance :
3 : producing or resulting in good by chance :

In short, feeling lucky pay us a visit! :D


Bryan, my mistake.


No prob - I get it all the time, and sometimes it's hard to know who's being addressed.

As for the scandal (19 year old girl casino operator), this was reported in Casinomeister News, Newsletter, and in the webcast for a number of months. Just go to the main site and do some searches on or "Interactive Gaming Systems"

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