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Dormant account
Hello. I am very interested in opening an online poker room/casino. Within this process I have been doing research to find the right software developer to partner with. My budget is between 50K-100K USD which precludes me from partnering with the first tier software providers. So I have spoken with IGS and FutureBet(among others) and in doing my due diligence I came upon your site. Both providers are currently on your evil ones list. I just want to say I am grateful your site exists to help potential online entrepeneurs like myself to sift through which providers seem reputable and which ones not. The accusations regarding FB have actually made me very skeptical about them but I am still trying to get more info. regarding IGS. The reason they made it on your list doesn't preclude them from my list. I was hoping you or any contributor can tell me whether this is an isolated incident, a bad omen or one in a string of past problems? Have they ever had the problems that FB have been accused of? Any feedback would be much appreciated. So far my dealings with them have been pretty good. I was also hoping you could give me a list of reputable software providers (in your opinion) that I can research as potential partners, within by budget? I have also spoken with Boss Media, Chartwell Tech., Diamond Digital Systems, Playtech, Netentertainment, Realtime Gaming, Dynamic Egaming. Any feedback on these providers would be much appreciated, as well. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Clove