Inter casino is AWESOME!


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Aug 13, 2002
Just writing of my recent experience with intercasino. Their games seemed to be extremely loose, deposited $100, received $100 bonus and got it up to $982 without much effort at all. Seemed like i couldnt lose there. Cashed out yesterday about 8pm and received my cash back to Paypal in 18hrs. Totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish i could say the same for riverbelle, and Gaming club. Still havent been paid, Proc-cyber is STILL! screwing me around. Personally i wouldnt recommend any casino using Proc-cyber as their Ecash processor unless you like getting grey hairs. (just my personal opinion). Has anyone noticed that some casinos using the same software seem to be extremely loose with their games, while others are at the other end of the spectrum?
This month, I lost my bonus and deposit playing blackjack at Intercasino. In past months, I had nice wins. Overall, my results are consistent with a fair game.

I agree with your opinions about Proc-Cyber.

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