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I am a first time poster to this sight and have just begun to investigate some obviously fraudulent charges made to my accounts all originating with one of the above mentioned funding sources, who are all suspect with me at this point. But that is because I am still in the initial investigation phase and have ruled nothing out.
Purposefully omitting the legalities & legitimacy of on-line casinos (for another day and post) in each state's jurisdiction argument, and I do work for a constitutional office holder in a certain state (i.e. Attorney General,Govenor, US Senator, Sec. of State for examples) as a Director of a certain Division of said office (as a disclaimer), I am wondering where, other than Play check and cash check are there other accessible information sources.
Here are my findings and questions that I am pursuing the answers to and would like to know of similar problems, because this doesn't seem to be a unique case.
1) I had noticed apparent double and/or triple duplication of some of my transactions, but were not "without doubt", so I didn't feel sure enough about it to report it. But always on days I had actually played, so maybe I had forgotten how much I had played.
2) What confirmed my suspicion, was when transaction dates began to be posted on days in which I knew I was on vacation and didn't access the casino's, but they were in amounts similar to my legitimate transactions on other days except for the $20 one's which was lower than my usual pattern. And many more than usual "like" 9 deposits in a day.
3) And then my bank notified me of being overdawn by an amount that was totally impossible.
My questions are: How or has anybody else had Neteller (certified account and usually via their insta cash feature), can they overdraw your account several thousand dollars ? Instadebit was also used, but I was turned down by Firepay tipping my off on my account being insufficent so they are not as much in question, but could turn right around and get money from insta cash or insta debit . How is that possible ? Now I have overdraft protection, but not $ 4,000 worth.

Proceeding cautiously, and afraid that everybody involved would shut my accounts down and information access, I only notified, Neteller and asked that they temporarily suspend my account until I could determine the problem-- on Sept.13 th.

Well, luckily I printed off my Neteller history, because they immediate closed down my account, thus access to my transaction history along with it.

But here is what made them look extremely suspicious---Sept. 14,2004---
14 transactions for $100.00 each we sent to my bank from Neteller, which I had protectd my self at the bank from, so they weren't "paid".

Neteller sends 14 emails to me and plans to add $30 to each that were under the heading "1st try......."

Well the next day 9/15/04, 14 more are presented marked "first try" and $30 each added as NSF fees---------None of that 28 or 14 transactions are legitimate and why did it escalate after my notification ? And all were done after I warned them ?
It appears that someone became aware that I was on to them and tried to see how much they could get before I shut every thing down. The only place I had notified was Neteller......Hmmmmmmm.

Is this something familiar sounding to you and if so, where, in your experience does the problem lie ?

On an unrelated matter, I also am 99.9 percent sure that I hit a Royal flush in 3 card poker, and it paid a fairly well $120-$180, from recollection, but I was movig too fast but know the screen flashed straight flush--and that is what they paid me for, I think. But when I went to Play check, it claimed to have not updated so I couldn't check it----THE ONLY time I have not been able to check it immediately.

And their 21 day payouts by check, $35+ payout fees, overnight withdrawl reversals, and minimum of $20-$50 withdrawls smell of scam and definitely aren't publicized until you try to get your winnings of which I have never seen a dime.
Beginning to smell of rackteering..........

Just looking for some answers.


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Hey Brian,

You there ?
And sorry for the typo's in my last post but I was in a hurry. I meant 14 transactions were sent the two consecutive days following my notoifying neteller


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Trptckt said:
You there ?
And sorry for the typo's in my last post but I was in a hurry. I meant 14 transactions were sent the two consecutive days following my notoifying neteller
Yeah, I'm here. Your first posting was made at 10:45 pm on a Saturday night; I don't work weekends.

Have you contacted the fraud department at Neteller or any of these casinos? It seems like you are watching this occur before you, but you need to take immediate action. Send me your details (name, Neteller account#, etc.,) and I'll have Neteller's security director take a look at this.