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Oct 4, 2006
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Why would a casino find it necessary to hold up a withdrawal for seven days because I used Instadebit to make my deposit. The way Neteller is going they are slower than Instadebit pulling the funds from my bank account.

Has anyone else encountered this problem using Instadebit. So far it is only Nostalgia Casino that has this hold time. They say it is due to the way that Instadebit operates. What way? More efficiently than most? :lolup:

Thank you for contacting Nostalgia Casino.

Unfortunately, due to the way that Instadebit operates, it necessary to implement a holding period before processing cashins to players using Instadebit to credit their casino account. This period of time has been set to seven days from your last Instadebit purchase. This time is required to ensure that player accounts are credited the correct amounts to their Instadebit accounts.

We sincerely apologize for this delay. Your Cashin will be processed as soon as the seven days has expired.

I have never had that happen. I can say though instadebit is slow in getting the funds into my acount , took about 5 days last time.

In general though, I like them and use them, no fees, and less hassle than neteller.

I just withdrew myself with intadebit for the first time with a MG casino , so Ill see how it goes.


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