Instadebit confusion


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Jan 14, 2010
In the wind
I have an account with Instadebit, all the funds in it are in USD.

I signed up at a MG site that advertised ID, only to find out that if I opened my account in USD that ID was not available, only if the account was CAD could I use it. No CAD funds in ID, and not interested in loading it just for one site.

All the sites I currently play on are in USD, which is very handy, I like to keep things simple, I don't need funding accounts all over the place.

The purpose of this post?

To all forum reps: If you want more Canadian business, please get Instadebit and let players sign up for USD accounts that accept it if you offer currency options.



PS: Thanks ClubWorld, USD cashout requested @ 8PM, money in Instadebit @ 8AM the following morning. :thumbsup:

PPS: Bad on you 7Sultans, Withdraw request a work in progress for 4 days now. I notice you use the same system as Doyles, and they were faster than you have been. :mad: