Insisting on High ROI: 70% of all revenues - paid instantly every day !


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Apr 6, 2002
The Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) is the only Internet casino solution today that insists on delivering you a high, profitable return on your investment. You earn 70% of all revenues from your Internet Casino - paid instantly every day like clockwork! There are no license or monthly fees involved!

The Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) Casinos yield higher revenues for you because they do NOT require players to download software or use plug-ins to play ! This ability to play for real cash in one click, from any computer at any time, not only means more casino traffic but also more paying traffic. Your players can even play from Internet cafes!

Lets take a look at how we cover all angles to assist you achieve profitable returns.

We start with a plethora of marketing advantages built directly in to your casino. Your casino comes equipped with a hypnotic line-up of special player incentives that drive new players in and push your money spenders to come back again and again. Heres a taste of some of the different incentives offered to your players:

Real Cash Deposit Incentives
1. PayBack Cashable Gift when a player makes a deposit 2 days in a row, he receives a cash gift equal to his 1st days deposit on his 2nd days deposit
2. $200 cashable gift on every 10th PayPal deposit

Real Cash Get Paid While You Play Incentives
1. $25 cashable gift for every 100 hands of Poker
2. $5 cashable gift for every 10 hands of Keno

Other Play Incentives
1. $101 + 30% bonus on every deposit
2. Cashout to payout in less than 1 hour
3. No wagering requirements
4. 'My Account' -- player can view gaming, deposit and cash out activities
5. Supported by all access points like AOL, Web TV, and PDAs

Last, to seal in your success, equips you with the crucial tools required by any serious casino owner. Take a look

1. Robust marketing tool box with 100's of banners!
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monitoring services to track your marketing campaigns and optimize your online business performance.
3. Secure, real-time Back Office for monitoring your players' actions, deposits, payouts and more!

Get started today by clicking here: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

David Moor
President and CEO
MyCasino-Builder.Com Inc Ltda.
This is a ClickNPlay package.

This software is "rigged" on payouts,
looks like $hit, has had numerous
complaints from players about payouts,
poor customer service, ridiculous
play through requirements, and has
been discussed on this, and other forums,
in a very "negative" context.

You are the owner of this "package".

Don't you read the comments people have made about this crappy software, and if you have,
how about offering some "answers" to all the
fore mentioned allegations?
Thank you Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) !

I'm really happy with your services. My Casino is Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) and I run it only four days and gained today $1,261. Yesterday I gained $1,850 and a two days ago $690. I've already received payments directly to my PayPal account. I can withdraw my revenues every day!

Again, thank you David!
O.K. Boys & Girls,

After reading the "glowing review"
posted by "Jeff Lancaster",
can we all say "SHILL"!!! :eek:

ClickNPlay BLOWS!!! :mad:
My revenue from my Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) Casino today is already $4,305 (it was several hours ago only $1,261).
I just continue to make money! I'm really happy.

BTW: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) offers now to the partners 70% of all revenues, but I think, they will reduce offer to 55% very soon.

It WORKS !!!
Got that "Max Payout" mode set
really low, huh Jeff??

What's it set at? $6 ??

Sure, 1CNP can make lots of money
for the "owner" of it.



If you like to "cheat" players, and
your a thief, this is a "great" system. :eek:
What are you talking about ?!

It seems that you totally miss-leaded by absolutely incorrect information.

I have access to the Casino Back Office, and my players also have access to their own Back Offices where all gaming, deposit and cash out activities are presented (in real-time, immediately!).

Try Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) . I'm sure you will be surprized !

Let me know what is the name of your new casino and I'll help you a bit with players. Believe they will enjoy to play in your Casino.

The last thing: I think that my proposal is absolutely risk free, and you cannot refuse it.
Oh, good, David of ClicknPlay, I have some questions.

*Can you describe how your playthrough requirements are set up to prevent bonus abuse?

*I notice that email comes from a "Barak" service, can you describe that for me?

I've tried to keep discussion on the respect level, but it seems that it is really impossible in this forum.

There are several reasons:

1. you cannot read what is written or
2. you cannot understand what is written

The bottom line: you're really stupid guys.
This was copied from the WOL board. Could this be the same beloved Jeff? Something tells me yes. What a crook.

Here is the latest e-mail from the supposed owner of 1cnp casino. What a class act:
Hey nirrad001,

Your e-mail has been delivered to me. My name is Jeff and I've already
heard about your vandalism in the several gambling forums on the Internet.
Are you idiot ? It seems so! Do you think we will give you to play in our
Casino after your vandalism ?

<,<, I urge you to contact the police.

Already done.

<,<,In the meantime, you might
<,<,consider making good on your OBLIGATION to pay me. I am owed $156.00 by
<,<,1cnp. Your website and spam messages brag about 1 hour payouts and I have
<,<,been waiting for almost 72 hours. I have never been paid by your casino in
<,<,an hour yet as a matter of fact. Do you intend to keep my deposit and
<,<,winnings? I need to know your intentions. If you remain silent on the
<,<,matter I will take that as a yes.

You may consider whatever you wish.

<,<, And you can tell Philippe Legault this: He went on various forums
<,<,pretending to be a player, when in fact he was not a player. This kind of
<,<,behavior is not tolerated on the gambling forums which is set up by the
<,<,PLAYERS for the PLAYERS. All I did was expose the FACT that he was an
<,<,employee and not a player. If you want to blame your casino's failures on
<,<,me, then GOOD LUCK.

You're lair! Philippe posted in all forums that he is an affiliate. He made
a lot of money from his affiliation, and you didn't ! Do you know why ?
Because you are IDIOT ! It's good for you ?

<,<,But if do not pay what is owed to me, then I can
<,<,PROMISE you that I will cause a lot more trouble than I did before. I am
<,<,going right now to file a complaint with paypal. If you do not respond by
<,<,6:00 p.m. EST then I will start hitting the forums and spreading the word.
<,<,You can spare your casino further bad publicity by simply holding up your
<,<,end of the CONTRACT that you agreed to when you let me deposit my $75 in
<,<,your casino. I will also go to the Better Business Bureau and all other
<,<,consumer help groups that I can find and file multiple complaints. I am not
<,<,joking around with this. What you are threatening here is basically
<,<,BLACKMAIL. This e-mail will be all the proof I need. Think about it.

You may go to the hell. You have already shown us and others that you're
serial lair. You already stolen from us $1,612 and it is stopped now.

Have a fun with your stupid complaints, lair !

Posted by Jeff Lancaster:

"I've tried to keep discussion on the respect level, but it seems that it is really impossible in this forum.

There are several reasons:

1. you cannot read what is written or
2. you cannot understand what is written

The bottom line: you're really stupid guys."

No, Mr Lancaster,

You are the "stupid" one. You assume
that because you post how great 1cnp
is, and all the money you are making,
that everyone should "sign up" today
for this wonderful "package".

Your a shill, and a poor one at that.
Why don't you address some of the
allegations that have been made about
1cnp, specifically the "rigged payout"
settings available on this software.

The whole ClickNPlay "package" reeks of
cheating and dishonesty, and is nothing
more than a sleazy scam.
Sorry, guys. You're not stupid at all. To be stupid you should go a long way from now.

You are not idiots like nirrad001 that won $1,612 and got them in less than one hour to his PayPal account, but he wanted more and more, and posted dirty messages about for which he will be charged in court (all transactions are documented by PayPal.

I'm sure that you're just mentally defective.

I'll not discuss with you any issues. Go away, defectives.
Yes it is Priceless! It shows Jeff and his pseudocasino to be the "lairs" that they are. Read his first posts here. He was in business only four days? Hmmmmm, I think not. I have to add my "thanks" to 1cnp for uncovering their own shortcomings with their posts and attitudes so I can spend my gambling dollars at reputable casinos with fair games and fair payouts. Using their own words "Thank You,"!
Hi Boys & Girls,

Sorry to interfere you.
But I set up a casino in mycasino-bulider two weeks ago.
And I get my revenues every day!

I think mycasino-builder offering something that no one offer.
70% that pay every day!

The best way for you Boys & Girls is to enter to mycasino-builder site and ask all your
Questions the support teem

Or you can test my site at:
1CNP people remind me of "Lemmings".
Do you just blindly follow each other
over the cliff?

Or are you like "Robot People",
repeating the same "pitch"
over & over on all the forums??

First we have "Abbott",
next enters "Costello".

Definitely "Priceless"!! :eek:
I'm not sure if I want to intervene quite yet; they're tightening the noose around their own neck at the moment.

If they think they can [color=ff0000]••••[/color] around in this forum, they got a surprise coming to them.

I would like David Moore to answer Mary's questions since this is a discussion forum, not a mindless rant. David? Ball is in your court.

And Adam? You call me "Boy" one more time, and I'll reach right through this DSL connection and throttle your skinny little neck.

Okay, let's try it again.

If either David Moore or one of his stooges can answer the following questions to my satisfaction, I will send $5 to their Paypal account:

Please describe how your playthrough requirements are set up to prevent bonus abuse.

Could you please describe why your email comes from a "Barak" service/server.

The clock is ticking...

Ahhhh, too bad......

ClickNPlay got mad and went home.

Probably trying to map out a
new "Spam attack"!! but....

ClickNPlay people are not the
sharpest knife in the drawer. :eek:
well I can speak on my behalf. They owe me over 700 dollars and wont pay me. sent me an email admitting they owe me. I couldnt believe it
admit they owe it and just refuse to. said I insulted them. LOL I was in shock. Never had anyone admit they weren't going to pay.

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