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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I always wondered about this while I have been playing online but never had it happen to me. I was playing at an RTG today (one of the 27 I have deposited to so that I can compare them all) and I put down a chip and hit deal. I had an 11 against I believe it was a dealer 7 so I hit, did not double but I have reason for that so no matter what card I would have been dealt the hand could not have been a losing hand by bust or by dealer win due to the fact that I would either have to stand or hit again on the next play. Before the card was dealt to me the software froze up and I got a message saying "Could not communicate with server" This is not my fault as my connection is a super high speed cable connection that never goes down. Anyways I went back in and the table had been cleared and the chip was not returned to my balance like it is supposed to when there is a disconnection midplay. Has anyone had this happen before and did you have any luck in getting the casino to be truthful and fair by returning the chip. I have never had any problems at a casino, this one especially and I do not claim their bonuses so they can't accuse me of abusing or trying to get free money. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I had this problem when some RTG changed to new 2hand BJ.
when disconnected, sometimes return your money, sometime not. never happened again when system stable.
Just ran off a few hundred hands, so I could recreate the same condition as you ran into. It did not disconect me or hesitate. I will tell you though, with the software, when a hand does freeze the money is still left on the table and the operater gets a in progress on the hand. If the money is not there call there support and ask to see what the outcome was.

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