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May 30, 2008
Melbourne Australia
Can anyone tell me, as I am very very new member and player
of online gaming, if a withdrawal has a been approved is
that a good sign that you are going to get paid.
(it said quite paraphrasing withdrawal approvaled cashiers check fedex)

Sorry if this is a silly question but its my first time .
and yes I did have an OK win.
(deposit 25. won 300)

Welcome to the forum.

Answer to your question, yes and no. It depends on the casino. If it is a reputable casino, then yes it's a good sign. If it's a sketchy casino, then who knows. I know this sounds flip but it's the truth. :D
:thumbsup: This is one for the books you think you can toss in a word for me and see if they will pay me from back in feb. Thats great though glad to hear someone got paid from them.
wow, i got paid.
it only took 14 days, and the winner is (the casino i got paid by)

It is good that you got paid (miracles do occasionally happen). Please do not play there again as you may not be so fortunate next time.

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